the post-half-birthday world

At 3:23 this morning (PST) Fable officially entered her post-half-birthday world. And I? I have officially become inconsolable. Typing this with one hand (much improved, eh) as Fable suckles at the motherteet (Which reminds me! Winners have been posted!) and I pretend with all my might that the little girl of a babe in my arms is actually a sleeping infant clad in 0-3 month tinies.

The sad news is: she's growing up. 

The happy news? She's growing up. And more delightful by the second, little tulip. 

tulips are better than one... lip. 

Hal and I spent the majority of our evening side by side on the couch, watching Fable Films as I cried and Hal asked "Are you crying again?" which yeah, okay? Leave me alone.

The truth is? I hate crying in front of anybody but my shower head. Which is why I'll turn away, now. 

Without further ado, Month (Chapter) Six, in five, four, three, two....



Six Months of Fable Films:

Month (Chapter) Five: Brave New Girl
Intermission: Church Giggles
Month (Chapter) Four: Chubby Legs and All
Month (Chapter) Three: When You Are Engulfed in Kisses
Month (Chapter) One: Infant Jest



musical credit: The Greatest, (R Kelly Cover) Bonnie Prince Billy


Abby Johns | 4:23 AM

She. is. beautiful.

I totally feel your pain with regards to her getting older. Ava is turning 5 months old April 6th and I am about to have a heart attack. Where did the nights of her refusing to sleep anywhere but snuggled up next to me go? And what about the weeks when she demanded a bottle every 2 hours? What about when she was only willing to accept this world if she was being held 24 hours a day? ::sigh:: They grow up so fast.

Isn't it weird how proud they can make you just by doing regular things like, eating. I can't wait for Ava to let out her first giggle straight from the gut just like your sweet little Fable.

Anonymous | 5:13 AM

There is no sound quite as wonderful as baby giggles. It is the best happiest sound in the world. She's beautiful!

thecitycradle | 5:35 AM

Beautiful. What joy!

Amber | 5:37 AM

That hello at the end is to die for...

Nancy | 5:41 AM

Would you ever consider doing a weekly/monthly/randomnly post called "What I'm Listening To" with some track listings and your various thoughts on them? I've loved the music you chose for all the Fable Films, and it would be interesting to be pointed toward bands and songs you like.

I also recently found some video clips of my son making those same kinds of precious baby dinosaur squeals when he was Fable's age. He's now 2 and talking up a storm, busing out stuff like, "Mannequin!" and "Cement mixer!" and even the occasional "Please!" so hearing those first little chirps again was very moving. The hardest part about them getting bigger is how much you forget the little day-to-day stuff.

My favorite part of the movie was seeing Archer make the Duplo tower for her. So cute.

Hilary | 5:58 AM

Wow! I adore your monthly Fable videos so much - partly I think because she is going to LOVE these one day- the love you have for both your children is seriously clear and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine | 6:35 AM

What a beautiful family you have. Fable is strikingly gorgeous. Your loving montage excites me for the days when I will be able to experience something similar.

Laura | 7:01 AM

I love your videos. You always select the most perfect music, too. I wish I had made such lovely recordings of my (now 4-year-old) daughter. That first year especially was so fleeting.

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

Happy 6 months anniversary, little Fable! :-)

You have a wonderful way with words, btw. I love reading your blog.

barbara | 7:10 AM

So pure. It's lovely to see the absolute joy in you.

Birdie | 7:46 AM

Love it.

Mrs. Melberry | 7:55 AM

I've never seen myself having a bebe of my own, but your Fable melts my heart into thinking I just might want to someday :)

Happy Half Birthday Fable!

My Bottle's Up! | 8:15 AM

is archer the proudest big brother in the world, or what?! i love watching him with her. it's priceless.

my "little one" will turn 1 this month and i am left speechless whenever i think about it.

she's gorgeous. happy 1/2.

sunny | 8:24 AM


i feel your pain. my sweet beck is 7.5 months old now and i wish i could STOP THE CLOCK. scratch that. i'd rather hit rewind, then watch it all again in SLOW MOTION.

I don't remember my heart aching like this with ian and stella. it kills me to know i'll never do this again.

Cate Subrosa | 8:43 AM

Oh, the giggles. Happy half birthday, Fable.

stephanie | 9:06 AM

This is so beautiful! I can't imagine being at this place yet. It already kills me that Jasper is spending his first days in the hospital, so I'm trying not to think too much about him almost being a week old (tomorrow at 1:21 am!).

You have such a gorgeous family--not just externally. The four of you radiate all that is good.

Allison the Meep | 9:48 AM

Your kids are gorgeous. And it's so beautiful to see how much Archer loves his baby sister.

hoppytoddle | 10:53 AM

MiniMe & I watched together. Between the movie & her saying, "Mom, I want a baby sister like Archer." I'm all weepy. We haven't told her I pg yet because I know the wait will be an eternity for her. It already is, everytime I see Fable. Sweet babes. Samshing job, Bec & Hal.

Ooh! Requesting some footage of Hal playing for Fable!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 11:16 AM

Oh my. She's the cutest little munchkin ever. I like her little legs. Her little giggles.

She just seems to really love hanging out. She's so happy.

And that 'hello'.

Hello right back at you Miss Fable. xx

My daughter is one this Sunday. Weep.

Kendra | 11:30 AM

Congratulations on the half birthday, Fable.

I understand the heart-wrenching milestones. When my first was 9 months old, I remember being really overwhelmed that he had now lived outside my body for as long as he had lived in it. He now belonged to the world as much as he belonged to me. And now he's 5 and in kindergarten, and my third just celebrated her first birthday.

Time does fly. Enjoy your beautiful family.

GingerB | 12:59 PM

Fabulous Fable!! Wonderful post and film. I just posted about what I love about motherhood in request to Her Bad Mother's request for around the world in 80 clicks - we can see what you love, Girls Goen Child - YES WE CAN!

EMQ | 1:54 PM

Wow. These films are amazing. I'm thinking of making some for my own little girl. She's already three months old, and I just wish someone had told me how quickly this goes by...oh wait *everyone* told me, I just didn't believe them. Or more precisely, there was no way for me to understand their warnings until I became a mother.
When I was pregnant, I thought I'd be counting down the milestones of babyhood, waiting impatiently for Lisel to grow up already. Now every time she slips into the multi-day sleep of the growth spurt I get a little panicky. I always wish I'd taken more pictures and videos of the infant that she was. I wish I'd captured her during that little wisp of time between the growings.

I'm definitely making some videos.

Linda | 1:57 PM

So so sweet! While I have loved her name from the moment I heard it, it just becomes more and more endearing and she grows.
Fable.Beautiful, beautiful Fable.
One thousand hearts to you Fable.

licialee | 2:00 PM

I am in love with your children and I've never even met them.. They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect. And I aspire to dress my daughter as beautifully as fable when I have one. :D Keep the videos coming...

Anonymous | 2:19 PM

That video is so so sweet.

Jasmine | 2:45 PM

Oh my. I couldn't even watch the whole video because: 1) It is so sweet I was starting to tear up and I'm in one of those moods where if I start crying... there's just no way of knowing when it will end; 2)I'm feeling weirdly sad about how totally different (read: Cranks McStanks) a personality Truman has and how I wonder if I'm somehow responsible... which again ties in with the not wanting to cry thing.

All the comments are right on the money. If Fable was food... she would be the most delicious red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting! Archer and Fable are so so lucky to have these amazing memories. No wonder he wants to bring his pictures to show and tell!

Thanks for being so awesome.

Sarah @ | 3:27 PM


She's beautiful!

jjlibra | 3:47 PM

okay, i didn't cry at the video. i was close...but didn't. more smiley than misty. but then i read hoppytoddle's comment and it just pushed me right over the edge! oh my god. congratulations to everyone.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 4:03 PM

What a sweet sweet babygirl! She's about 2 1/2 months ahead of mine, and I can't wait for little Noelle to bust a gut like Fable does.

Bea | 4:16 PM

Those legs. They look so YUMMY!

susan | 4:44 PM

She's so beautiful! I love the baby giggles, too!

My 4 year old watched part of the film and he says, "Can we go see that Fable?" He has no concept of how far away California is from Tennessee. :)

Mom101 | 6:23 PM

The only thing as beautiful as your children is seeing your love for them through your film, your writing, your art. How lucky they are to have you, how lucky you are to all have each other.

Happy half birthday Fable.

cocosmalls | 7:05 PM

lovely really lovely

Issa | 8:33 PM

I cried all day when my son hit six months old...on the 25th. Then he crawled and I cried some more.

But you know, they are still our tiny beautiful little babies. Fable is still tiny, half birthday or not. :)

cmom | 8:59 PM

I remember feeling the way you describe. But for all of you who still have little ones, savor it! Don't get completely distressed about the baby turning six months. She is still so very young, and so is Archer. My four kids are grown up now and I wish with my whole heart to be able to go back when they were little, so I do do understand. I work as a nanny for a little five month old boy, and believe it or not, it pacifies the 'missing baby' phase and should hold me over until I have grandkids (which will be a long time from now!) - btw: Fable is so cute that she looks fake; like a baby doll. | 3:48 AM

your films are beautiful and you will treasure them forever. keep up the filming, there is nothing like looking back in a few years on how little your children once were!

yenasung | 5:09 AM

Hey, Rebecca! Were you at Dooce's book signing at the Book Soup in West Hollywood? I think I recognized you from Momversation, but the Book Soup people rushed us away into that side corner before I could go up to you and say hi. So, hi! (Cool dress~~~)

Melanie | 10:34 AM

geez. i can't watch these videos without sobbing. the music and your gorgeous kiddos. plus i can hear the love in your voice when you talk to them. thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

You're family is priceless! I always enjoy your videos. Have a great weekend. :)

idiot | 11:28 AM

you make me cry ALL the freakin time with your love for your kids and how you express that.

The pic of Fable at :52 is my favorite. I want to gobble her up.

Unknown | 12:04 PM

Happy half-birthday, Fable!

Today is my Benji's 2nd birthday, and in 6 months we get another one. Your mama will appreciate the coincidence!

Ray | 1:57 PM

Nice video. I love the part where Archer's cuddling Fable. Too cute. He is such a sweet older brother.

sevedra | 2:14 PM

I am new to your site, but I love the video montage choice as a baby book. My littlest is already 7 years old! I cry sometimes when I remember her being this size. Your videos will be so precious, not only to Fable, but also to YOU in a few years.

Anonymous | 5:37 PM

those are the most gorgeous, CHUBBED OUT legs I have seen in awhile. She's beautiful. Enjoy every minute!!

Avalon | 6:35 PM

that picture of someone (Hal?) in the grey sweater holding her lying sideways almost killed me.

so. ridiculously. beautiful.

and the ones of you and her by the window are wonderful.

beckyferris | 8:22 AM

i love your videos! you are not making my baby fever any better... so very, very, very cute!

Jenna | 1:46 PM

I showed my 3 year old son the video you made of Fable. He loooved it. He wanted to watch it over and over again yesterday. Then when he woke up this morning, he said he wanted to watch the video of the baby tooting and laughing. It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about.

He meant the beginning part where you were making raspberry noises. He thought she was farting herself and laughing about it. Which he thought was hilarious. Give it another watch imagining that that's what's happening. I'll bet you find it hilarious, too.

Much love.

Banteringblonde | 3:54 PM

She is so freakin adorable! I love your videos... i need to figure out how to make my clips into videos that are more "watchable"!

vertigob | 4:04 PM

Your videos make me want another baby! Thankfully, I have my own little 11 month old (tomorrow...makes my heart ache to know that she has been here for almost a year).

She has a big brother that adores her too.

Lucky, lucky, lucky. It is an embarrassment of riches, everywhere I turn.

Loukia | 9:00 PM

Oh my heavens. That was so beautiful! What song was that? I loved it. She is so beautiful. Easily the most beautiful baby girl I've seen! You make me really want a third child! My boys are already 3 and 1 years old. I can't believe how quickly time goes by... thanks for sharing!

mom2nji | 8:50 PM

Pure joy. Your love radiates through the film.

Anonymous | 7:00 AM

I. Love. It. When. She. Says. "Hello". She's so beautiful!

Anonymous | 1:23 PM


The Johnson 5 | 7:34 PM

I have seen you on momversation before but this is the first time I have visited your blog. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL and your video of your daughter melted my heart.

My baby girl turned 7 over the weekend and it is like someone ripped my baby out of my arms.

It's hard but as they get older life just keeps on getting sweeter.

Jodi | 1:26 PM

My son just turned 7 months today and I wanted last night to last forever. Something about being on the other side of 6 months made me sad. We have a website for close family and friends and I just can't bring myself to update it - looking at all those pictures!!

But then I get so excited that he's getting closer to being a toddler I can barely wait! Every next moment is sad and then even better than the last all at the same time.

Oh and I, too, only cry to the shower gods. I can't STAND for anyone including my mom or my husband to see the tears.