Month Four: Chubby Legs and All

four months ago she was born

Today is the first day of Fable's fifth month and I don't want to talk about it. She's so perfect just as she is right now that I'm having a very hard time parting with so much as an hour, a moment... Hell! I don't even want today to end because tomorrow she will be a day older. 

And so I cling to what's left of her infancy, holding on to her tiny hands for dear life.

Time moves far too quickly. Someone please invent a pause button. 


musical credit: Cinnamon by The Long Winters


Pat | 7:43 AM

You said it they do grow too fast! I also have a five month old and a five year old. and today I am looking through stacks of information for elementary school for my 5 year old.. man where has the time gone, Enjoy your lil' people!

EdenSky | 7:55 AM

It seems to go so much faster the second time around doesn't it? I love these videos.

Ian Newbold | 8:08 AM

It only gets better, to me, I am not looking forward to the end of toddlerdom though.

And it just means you'll have to have another!

kelli(q) | 8:09 AM

don't make me cry, rebecca! the end was amazing.

Anonymous | 8:11 AM

Holy cuteness - I just want to squeeze her she is so perfect.

Anonymous | 8:15 AM

why do i cry my eyes out on these videos??? she is so beautiful but i think what touches (makes me cry) me more is how truly happy and peaceful you are. i got pregnant while my husband and i were dating, similiar to u and hal, we got married but the first 5 years were so hard. kind of felt like we'd been thrown together. and my wonderful 14 yr old daughter was pretty oppositional. probably b/c of the environment she was in... anyway, that's prob why i cry. wishing and recognizing in ur video that i was not happy when i gave birth to my daughter. sorry to her for not bonding w/her better. love ur blog.

Anonymous | 8:18 AM

Your daughter is so adorable it kills me. And makes me want to have a baby.

Unknown | 8:18 AM

And then before you know it they're lining up at school and forming friendships and bringing home information you never taught them. Effing time. A pause button sounds perfect.

Sarah VM | 8:47 AM

When my daughter was between the 4 and 6 months mark I had a really hard time. Time has a way of flying by.

Wendy Woolf | 8:57 AM

I am counting the SECONDS until tomorrow when I can kiss those precious cheeks!!!! xxxooo

Hilary | 9:14 AM

She is so beautiful. So awesome that you are enjoying it so much. I still can hardly handle her rockin' wardrobe.

Rachael | 9:44 AM

GAH! Those eyes, those lips, that little smile. Melting...

Anonymous | 9:44 AM

I have to be, what, the millionth person to say this, but she is precious.

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

Aw. Precious. You not only make me laugh daily, but you give my heart *warm fuzzies*.

Sarah | 10:20 AM

I can only hope that our daughter will be as precious as yours! Congrats again, she is one cute kid.

Anonymous | 10:44 AM

Oh that cinnamon blonde Fable. She gets me every time.

I beg that you bring that baby to Tucson so she and Jack could play one day. The idea of my spawn and your precious doll in the same one is enough to make my head, heart, and ovaries explode.

Loving the Woolf,
Deh Martins

Anonymous | 10:46 AM


my bad.

Prasti | 10:50 AM

what a little cutie :)

Anonymous | 11:01 AM

my favorite part is, in the video clips, you can just hear in your voice how much you love her and what a great mom you are. she is going to feel sooo loved watching these videos when she's grown...i can imagine they will get her through any tough times that are thrown her way more than once!

Linka72 | 11:02 AM

Good god , that's one cute baby..I'm sitting here trying to figure out:
1. How can I steal all of her clothes and wear them to the mall.
2. Fit in them.

A conundrum indeed.

Anonymous | 11:23 AM

Happy 5 Months to Fable and you! Loved the end of the video where you repeatedly whispered to her, "I Love You." So sweet! And I wish there was such a thing as a pause button. Life really is going by TOO fast. I know people say that all the time, but now it's really true. Life is going by faster now than it ever has. In my opinion anyhow.

But what you're doing by treasuring every moment now with her is all you can do. We can't stop time from continuning on, but we can live in bliss, as it tries to run away from us completely.

Take, care. =o)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) | 11:25 AM

Oh my heavens - she is the cutest little thing!!

Anonymous | 11:30 AM


Anonymous | 11:49 AM

aww that video made me cry! it reminds me of my son, who is just a touch older than Fable. I can't believe he's growing so fast, I already miss him being little because he's becoming so independent now... rolling over, sitting up, holding his own bottle. It's insane how quick it goes...

Anonymous | 12:04 PM

I love your little girl's expressive mouth! She makes the most adorable faces, and I noticed about half way through your video, around 2:30, when Fable's mouth was open in a surprised way, she looked just like your picture on the "Straight from the Bottle" link! She's too cute.Thanks for sharing your videos.

Tiana | 12:09 PM

So something's been bothering me for awhile. I knew Fable reminded me of someone, her eyes really, but I couldn't think of who it was.
Then I was lurking my own photos today and I realized she reminds me of my little sister.
A little bit of me, but only in my younger years. Mostly my little sister.
Here's a link to a photo, if you want:

You have me as a friend on Facebook, so if you're logged in you should be able to see the photo.

Leslie | 12:09 PM

Your children are so beautiful. Hold on to the moments!

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

Every time you put up pictures of Fable my heart just aches! I almost can't look, I want one so bad.

(My boobs have been a little sore lately. Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

tam | 1:16 PM

It takes a generous soul to share these moments with us. Thankyou.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

Time does move too little one is 8 months. There was a 10 week old at our mom's group yesterday and I just thought "gosh, if we could just go back". My MIL just keeps telling me how much he's going to hate me in 16 years, so I'm pretty depressed about the looming first birthday.

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

Aaaw. I don't have kids, but I'm a proud auntie of 2 perfect boys. Fable is a beautiful baby for sure. Her dress is adorable... the hat is super cute as well.

Parenthood is a weird thing to see through the looking glass (screen?)... it's strange to me that mothers want their babies to stay young, but I keep hearing it over and over. Not having experienced it, I would think that you would want them to be talking and playing and having their personalities show more... but I guess you also would miss the dependency part too.

Loran | 3:53 PM

It's precisely because we don't have a pause button that each moment is so special and precious. She is such a beautifully adorable old soul in a baby suit. She loves you too.

Anonymous | 5:38 PM

She is the CUTEST! My little boy is 2yrs old and I still look at his baby pics and wish I could go back and snuggle his little chubby self.


messyfunmommylife | 5:53 PM

This videos make me tear up every month! You are giving her such a great keepsake one day!

Anonymous | 6:17 PM

Thanks for sharing these. I'm always excited to see what music you select. I've found new groups to like from Fable's videos

Chelsea | 6:18 PM

What a precious little one she is! I am in love with your videos, thank you so much for sharing something so intimate and touching. They make me tear up too and I don't even have any kids of my own yet!

Anonymous | 6:23 PM

I have a just six month old we'll call Pinky Thought She'd Never Wear Pink Pinkerton , and I start to panic around 2:00 every day that another day is almost over too! The days where she walks 14 feet ahead of me at the mall are coming too fast!

Just started reading your book too and I wish I had it months ago!

SkittleSkattle | 6:46 PM

You made me cry with your video. It is beautiful and so is your little love. Congratulations!

Anonymous | 6:47 PM

Your little girl is staggeringly beautiful. As a kindergarten teacher I am amazed each year how much my kiddos grow and change over the year. As a mom with grown children, I sometimes look at my son and wonder where the little boy that used to live here went. Each stage will be as amazing as the last, and you will find yourself pleased at the end of the journey when you must admit that your child has become a grown-up. Yet, a part of you will still be back with Fable just like she is today. Enjoy the ride!

Hailey | 6:49 PM

Rebecca, Fable is just beautiful! They grow so fast don't they?

Cindy | 7:13 PM

I've often thought, with my youngest being six and all, that it isn't fair there isn't some sort of device where we could go back in time for just a day every once in a while and play with them when they were babies.

Anonymous | 8:17 PM

She's so so beautiful. I can totally understand how you feel - not wanting her to grow up.

Anonymous | 8:38 PM

gosh, she doesn't like you at all, does she?

she's too much.

SusanHam | 9:12 PM

As a mother of three grown former babies (aged 26, 24,21), I too wished for a pause button. Fable is a beautiful, soulful baby. I saw glimpses of Archer in her in some of the pics. You can't slow down time, you can try to relish every moment. Didn't someone say something about sucking the marrow out of the bone of life? Or did I just imagine it? Love your babies, love your writing. Thanks for sharing your life with the internet.

Anonymous | 9:13 PM

To add another compliment. She is just too sweet.

My littlest will be 8 months old day after tomorrow. That first birthday is closing in. Slow down!

Mommynightowl | 9:37 PM

awww, I love her little hiccups

Cate Subrosa | 1:56 AM

I love these videos *so much*!

Anonymous | 5:42 AM

She must be the prettiest baby ever. But you already knew that.

Michelle | 6:50 AM

I just have to chime and say what
a gorgeous baby you have! Both
of your children are just beautiful. I loved the 4 month
video also.

mames | 9:57 AM

she is quite possibly the most beautiful baby girl i have ever seen. i know i have said it before, and i will likely keep saying it at each of these monthly updates.

she is also a huge incentive to try for one more..she makes me ache for a little girl. and i never thought i would say that. ever.

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

As Fable's grandfather and public admirer, I am thrilled beyond words to see her beauty and thirst for life. She seems so ready to do it... so ready to walk and talk and jump and run... I am so far away, but looking at the video and the pictures brings me right next to her. We're sitting on the couch holding hands... I can see it.. can you?

Anonymous | 12:39 PM

You and Hal sure do make pretty kids! What a doll! The time does fly. When did my drooling, crawling, toe-sucking, sleep-resistant baby turn into a sassy 4-year old?

Jess | 12:44 PM

What a lucky little baby to have a mommy that makes such sweet videos for her! She steals my heart with her cuteness! Happy start to your 5th month Fable ♥

Fraulein | 1:22 PM

Oh man. She is quite the cutie.

My four-year-old the other day said "Mommy, I want to sit on your lap forever." She has no idea how much I wish she could do just that!

No Mommy Brain | 2:56 PM

she might actually be too cute. i mean, what is up with those lips? and those eyes...

Emily | 4:02 PM

honestly you have the prettiest lil doll baby!!! thank you for sharing!

Cath | 4:26 PM

Your blog has kickstarted my biological clock, really.

At the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend said he wanted children. I said, "Ok, why not? Someday, when we're ready"...

But now, we've been together 5 years and everytime I see Fable something inside starts singing... I want one of my own... NOW!

But I'm not as brave as you, doing everything backwards and accomplishing everything you want WITH children... I'll wait a couple more years; at 23, I'm not proud of myself enough to feel I have something good to give...

Thanks for the inspiration!

Rachel | 5:06 PM

Rebecca, she is TOO MUCH! I mean, beyond adorable. I want to meet her. Happy 5th month Fable.

Anonymous | 5:13 PM

She is so adorable. My little girl is about a month older than Fable so it's been neat watching both of them growing up. My 2 older kids get a kick out of the videos...they always come running to the computer to see "The Baby!!"

Anonymous | 1:00 AM

She's adorable. I wanted to ask -- do you have/ make films of Archer? I'd love to see him running around!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy | 7:41 AM

OMG, she is frikkin' adorable.

momjeans | 10:07 AM

your girl is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. i keep being totally taken aback by that face.

thanks for reminding us how quickly these days go by...

(going to squeeze my own now, a toddler already.)

mom2nji | 9:06 PM

Fable is so pretty it breaks my heart! You are one blessed momma.

Anonymous | 9:57 AM

I spent at least the first 2.5 months of my son's life crying at least 3x daily over his high-speed aging. My mother caught me one day and assured me that I'd love every stage of babydom more than the one before it. It's lucky that every new stage does seem to come accompanied by something unprecedentedly endearing (until night falls. Then I think he wants to hurt me.)

Heza Hekele | 12:17 PM

Fabulous Fable Films! They just keep getting better and better! I'm inspired!