NONversation: Like Momversation but with less talking



The Panic Room | 5:20 PM

haha. nerds.


you have no idea

pamela | 5:57 PM

hahaha... it's like watching an episode of the hills! riveting.

Anonymous | 6:07 PM

Thank God for friends who "get it".

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 6:26 PM


You girls know how to have a rockin' good time!

Kimberly | 6:39 PM

Too funny! I can't believe Dana was able to keep such a straight face for so long. LOL. Thanks for the laugh!

shane magee | 6:51 PM

made me and alli not just lol but genuinely laugh out loud.

Sandi | 6:55 PM

What the Hell?

Jess Kiley | 7:05 PM
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*Tanyetta* | 7:41 PM

how did you keep a straight face through all that for as long as you did is beyond me! LOL

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rachel | 7:52 PM

that was hilar.

Unknown | 8:25 PM

Oh my gosh that cracked me up!! Even my husband was laughing.

Anonymous | 8:41 PM

ha I love the Fable/ BMC bit... Fable is totally animated and bouncing around in contrast to the dead.pan.face.

have fun!!

just another mother | 9:21 PM

I laughed so loud just now... and it's quite in my house.. it's midnight 30.....I bet people think I'm weird now.

Once you've been there, that makes sooooooo much sense. Thanks for the laugh!

Jess Kiley | 9:25 PM

Great advertising!! There'd be no REAL DEAL without you. Now, quit deleting my obnoxious comments!

Girl gone all uncomfortable with my lavish praise.

BTW, change that annoying music. "how about something a little sexier or at least more ambient for the future?" Just popped in my head.

Anonymous | 10:28 PM

Is this a teaser for a future full-length feature?


Full-length feature? Probably not. More ...versations? There just might be if we can get it together, here.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 11:51 PM

Oh well, at least Fable had something to say. My little one just sneezed on the computer screen in response.

Anonymous | 4:54 AM

bwahaha....dorks. xo

Anonymous | 5:24 AM

haha! That was great!!

I'm curious as the background story about you and BMC. Do you discuss it in your book? I've just started reading it. (awesome btw!)
Anyways, do you have a blog post or something that explains who she is... sister? friend?
It seems like you two have such an awesome relationship and I'm curious :)
Fable is adorable btw.

Prasti | 5:40 AM

lol! i think fable had more to say than the both of you combined :)

Emery Jo | 6:35 AM

in all my 26 years of life... there has never been anything quite so fabulous. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

My Bottle's Up! | 6:52 AM

is it bad if i found myself jealous of the 1 min 8 sec quite moment you and bmc had? :) that was great!

My Bottle's Up! | 6:53 AM

shit, i meant QUIET. fucking keyboard.

Anonymous | 7:07 AM

You just made my morning. Hilarious and perfect.

(Fable is BEAUTIFUL.)

April | 7:18 AM

fable is gorgeous. you know. in case you hadn't noticed.

p.s. my verification word is 'firkers' which might be the best verification word ever.

Anonymous | 7:39 AM

Fable is the cutest little baby girl I have ever seen! Gotta love the quiet moments. :)

Anonymous | 8:32 AM


Anonymous | 9:29 AM

Hahahahahaha. Awesome.

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

love it! i second what crystal said. pls tell us the story behind ur friendship w/bmc. how did u meet, how did u become so close? also, do u plan on getting any more tattoo's? if so, what are you leaning towards. and lastly, are you still planning on giving us a tutorial/video on how to get the rebecca eye's? i know ur busy, just a reminder. xoxo

minniemama68 | 12:52 PM

Fable is so sweet. And living in a house full of men who pick, I must say, I enjoyed the nose picking thing. It was close to home.

Steph(anie) | 2:47 PM

better than momversation :)

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

dude, that was funny, but the most amazing thing about it was the Oscar-worthy scene where BMC kept a totally straight face next to the babbling adorableness. so. freaking. cute.

Anonymous | 6:30 PM

Loved your bird call. Haha. And 0:34-0:38 was awesome. =P Of course Fable was just too adorable, getting her little voice in there. ;o)

Jess Kiley | 12:23 AM


Except a momversation cooking show, but now I'm just rambling.

Summer | 6:28 PM

How I wish this was my life...

Instead I hear non stop talking, "mom, can you talk to my car, mom come see my poop, mom, mom, mom...."

I want nonversation.

Anonymous | 6:22 PM

That cricket-noise-lip-synch is so hilarious, I thought we were the only ones that mimic those sounds here in my house and roll on the floor with laughter afterwards. Fable is so very very cute.