The Pills. Like The Hills only ... yeah.

We have no idea if you will think this is as funny as we do. Probably not but here you go:



Anonymous | 5:50 PM

i bet you guys had a load of fun doing that. looks like it, at least.

Anonymous | 6:21 PM

I like how your friend and you toasted to a bottle of pills and tums. ;o) And I loved your outfit btw.

Petunia Face | 6:25 PM

If this doesn't get picked up for a second season (but The City did) then MTV is dead to me. At least until A Double Shot at Love gets renewed.


Anonymous | 6:34 PM

OMG! Hilarious! Though you did kind of remind me more of Rachel! When's the next episode on? ;-P


Sadly, my partner of crime just left on an aeroplane so the next time will be... whenever we see each other next. Summertime, most likely. Sad face.

As for Rachel Zoe? Her show is DEE EYE EEE amazing. I'm a huge fan. The coat is actually something I bought at the yard sale of a wardrobe designer. The coat was worn by an extra on Down With Love.


partner *IN* crime. Oy.

Anonymous | 6:46 PM

you 2 really deserve your own reality show....too frigan funny

Sandi | 7:17 PM

You two are a riot. I don't now how you can keep a straight face doing this stuff.

Anonymous | 7:24 PM

OMG, the NODDING. Spot on, man.

hoppytoddle | 8:01 PM

Can I be your Propecia?


I thought you'd never ask.

Amanda | 8:41 PM

I want to join in your Zoloft games!

I could do a mean Adderal impression. OH...or..OR.. Paxil.

Gah, I need to brush up on my 'Pills'. The ones I came up with are so 2000. So dunzo.

hoppytoddle | 9:11 PM

Did anyone else find it funny that there was a character on The Sopranos named Allegra? I mean, I know it's a classic Italian name & all, but still. Everytime they said her name I pictured that woman doing a grand jete in the flowy purple chiffon number.

Sarah | 9:19 PM

I fucking love Tums too!!! I've eaten more Tums since I've been pregnant than I have in my entire lifetime... three whole bottles, baby. I think I might have OD'ed once.

hoppytoddle | 9:27 PM


& when I worked for a certian city I had a dry drunk boss I called Princess Zoloft. MiniMe has a doll she calls Zoloft because she heard me talking about said boss one day & she liked the way it sounded, apparently. So, you'd have Propecia, the transplant southerner with teased hair & muffin top, her daughter whose actual name is very easily & frequently change to _____ Lou (her middle name is Louise), & Princess Zoloft.

Other much loved pharm names: synthroid (the nerd), Dimeatapp (obviously, the slut. Sound it out. Plus, it's over the counter, now.), Levitra- latin?, Spiriva- Russian?

Krystal | 10:06 PM

I haha CANT haha STOP haha LAUGHING haha
WHy hasnt MTV picked this show up yet? I would, like, so watch it!

Jess Kiley | 12:20 AM

A++, loved it! You gals have a future.

Anonymous | 12:47 AM

this is why i miss my best friend so much, who else will make movies like this with you?! loved thinking about how much fun it must have been to make!


Totally. It's a crime for best buds to not live next door to one another. Heartbreaking, really.

Anonymous | 6:57 AM

That was an awful attempt. And, are you allowed to snack on Tums while breastfeeding?

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

!!!! The video is no longer available!? What happened?

Anonymous | 7:19 AM

Ok went to BMC and was able to watch it there :)

Anonymous | 7:49 AM

It reminded me of things my friends and I used to do when we were 13. So what did you guys do next? Make funny phone calls? Shoplift makeup from CVS?

Anonymous | 8:08 AM

No, I think next we'll sit around and laugh at how douchey anonymous commenters are. And ride around in shopping carts at Walmart


Hey, now! What's wrong with being thirteen?

Anonymous | 11:26 AM

eh. some people know how to have fun. and some people are assholes.

Claire | 1:13 PM
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Claire | 1:15 PM

That's hilarious. I'm a big appreciator of the ridiculousness of The Hills, and I love that it can be spoofed (and of course made better) in so many ways...

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

you two bring out the gorgeous in each other. for the reals.

Anonymous | 10:46 PM

I was lucky enough to spend two whole weeks with my best buds (who are married to each other) and their family. You may get a kick out of the results of our time together:

(If you can, select "watch in high quality." I'm the one with the long hair.)

I'm right there with you on the distance between best buds being criminal, and heartbreaking. Pass the Cymbalta. :)

You two rock so hard.

Anonymous | 1:13 AM

I never though people would get up all tight about it. For god sakes let Them goof off and have fun there people too.
It was funny Rebbecca and Dana. sometimes it best to just goof odd and rock out.

Heads up we miss you on Sbw Becca!

Anonymous | 6:01 AM

soooooooo lame...annoying

Anonymous | 8:27 AM

That was terrible, LOL

Megan | 11:35 AM

I love the 'clinking of pill bottles' especially the tums... i actually laughed out loud!
Friends rock!


pamela | 4:26 PM

the rest is still unwritten! yea...

Amanda | 1:22 PM

HAHAHAHAHA - I LOVE how dorky you guys are!!! There is nothing better than a friend who "gets you". ;)

Loukia | 7:27 AM


Kat | 9:36 AM

I love Tums (with Calcium) too - but only the red ones.

That was hilarious! I'm glad that neither of you chose "Valtrex" as your name. Tee-hee.