Solidarity, The Sequel

Remember how a couple months back I found my first gray hair? Well, I totally went and pulled it out of my head, even though everyone told me not to. Mainly because I was so intrigued by its existence I wanted to study it up close and personal because WHOA! I had a gray hair! No way! I'm so mature! My hair is so wise beyond its years! I'm totally silver fox material!"

But also because I was like "get the HELL OUT OF THERE! WTF, HAIR!??!"

Of course, two months later...

... Just like the old wives' tales swore to be true:

... I found two long pube-like strands hanging out in its place like it was their JOB to dance among the strands of brown in my bangs like a couple of platinum attention hogs.

Once again, because I couldn't help myself, (ed: I don't know how people don't yank their gray hairs out. It's almost reflex-like, the need to pluck them. Kind of like finding lint on your shirt or an eyelash in your eyeball) I plucked them out, one by one and took pictures:

After studying the hairs and thinking long and hard re: what I was to do with them. I decided to give Hal the gift of reverse hair loss.

lock of love

Because that is one of the many things prematurely-gray wives are willing to do for the men they love.

At this rate, we'll be able to do a full hair transplant in about four years.

Lemonade, people.

Look how stoked Hal is off his new hair! So sweet.




Stesha | 12:53 AM

Each morning that I comb my hair, I think to myself that nature is playing a cruel joke. A joke that only it understands.

Hugs and Mocha,

Cat | 1:19 AM

I'm 30 and a have a few white hairs. Don't know how many since they're in the upper back of my head.
I don't really care. I mean... it's part of growing up and since I can't change that (well, I could dye my hair but that's not something I'm into) I better flow with it, if you know what I mean.
Another good thing about white hairs is that they say the white hairs don't fall. So... yeah, I might have white hair soon but at least I won't be bald (which would be a fair more tragic destiny):D

Kendra | 5:06 AM

I've found one gray hair, right at the hairline. I immediately plucked it. I had to laugh at your insight; I also gave it no thought, just like I would pluck a stray eyebrow hair right above my nose, mocking me, I immediately yanked that sucker out of there. It hasn't come back, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Interestingly, I had one other gray hair, in my eyebrow. I was so intrigued I immediately yanked it out. But now I kind of wish I hadn't, because how crazy would I look with brown hair and silver eyebrows?

Amber | 5:42 AM

I pluck my "silvers" as well. They are so thick compared to the rest...and I have a lot of them. I'm 25...c'mon!

I've gotta write it to right it. | 6:09 AM

dude, that's nothing....

I've got a punany full of greys that started in my twenties!!! :))))))

Jen | 6:22 AM

Welcome to the club. I found my first at 17. Back then, I could just pull them out as I found them. No more. I don't want to look like Hal. (He is pretty hot and all, but still.) In this economy, I have scaled back a lot. We have a long way to go before I stop justifying the bazillions that go to my stylist!

Marie-Ève | 6:45 AM

Those pictures are all great, but I wouldn't worry too much. I think graying hair has little to do with age, in fact. Some people start having them in their teens, and when my grandfather passed away at 72 he had none (my father doesn't have any either, at 58). I think if you embrace them, they're kind of sexy (think Stacy London).

WasStephHere | 7:03 AM

HILARIOUS!!!! You are so giving...

foodiemama | 8:10 AM

once the top of your head is covered with a 1/3 of em like mine you give up. Honestly though, I see them for nothing other than what they are and embrace the fact that in the next 5-10 I will be a silver fox, haha.

Loukia | 8:22 AM

I'm just busy looking at your nice mani and pedi and wishing I had a nice mani and pedi right now!

JennyLee | 8:44 AM

Lemonade. Love it!

EdenSky | 8:48 AM

I found 2 grey hairs in my bangs this week too! I immediately went out and got highlights. I'm only 23! I blame the children.

shoutingforha | 9:15 AM

My hair is very straight naturally. The lovely grey hairs that began to appear two years ago are wavy. As a result, when I go outside in the humidity (I live in Tennessee), my grey hairs curl up in some kind of crazy halo around my head. It is horrible. I am actually looking forward to the day that my hair is all grey. At least then, it will all be the same texture.

Desiree | 9:22 AM

Ha!!! As soon as I get my grays (ANY DAY NOW) I will pass them on to MY poor balding man ;)

Anonymous | 9:22 AM

My grays started when I was 21 and fighting them resulted in a hair color accident that made my hair the shade of an avocado. My hair went red to balance the green and stayed there since.

You think they gray hairs on the head are bad? what until the odd hairs start showing up in...uh...other places. It's sad that I'm having to give up Starbucks to be able to afford to have my face waxed.

Jo | 9:40 AM

heehee. sadly, i was informed by my hairdresser recently that i had an uninvited gray friend as well...i thought he was kidding. some call it denial :-) growing old is a muthaf...

My Bottle's Up! | 10:13 AM

this really made me laugh... thanks for that. :)

Aunt Becky | 10:24 AM

I've been going grey since I was 20 and The Daver's been balding since that time (do NOT tell him that). Your solution is perfect. I am SO lobbying for a hair transplant.

KR | 10:29 AM

This post gave me a much needed laugh today. Thank you. :) Hope you have a great weekend.

Amber | 10:55 AM

why is it that the ugly pubey ones ALWAYS show up in our bangs? those lovely silver wires mocking us. and why OHHHHHHH why are they never amongst the highlighted portions, never ever...they always fall within the "natural" strips :-(

mrs.notouching | 11:02 AM

After 'partying' all night with my 6 week old you make me laugh out loud! LEMONADE!

amber of TheAmberShow | 11:14 AM

OOO, I hate when I read funny stuff like this in public and start cackling at my laptop like a goon!

sevedra | 11:20 AM

Amen. I pluck mine out too! Although, the most recent sighting involved 5 hairs in different places on my head. I was shocked.

Save 'em up and weave Hal a wig!

Ray | 12:04 PM

LOL! Too funny. Even with a few gray strands (well before they were plucked, hehe) you still rock! ;o)

myfuckingeye | 1:54 PM

Every night I examine my hair in the mirror, sometimes even with two mirrors--front and back because I have very thick black hair and it is ALWAYS fascinating to see one lone white hair in a sea of black and it is ALWAYS satisfying to yank it out.

Beth | 3:24 PM

I totally understand not only the plucking but the documentation. After finding one of my first gray hairs (at about 26) I actaully put it in a baggy to show my friends, it was so unbelievable to me. (but I didn't scrapbook it or anything weird like that)

Anonymous | 4:03 PM

There is absolutely nothing more important than your personal appearance. Please keep us informed or more signs of impending decay and decrepitude. We're breathlessly looking forward to the "Can I Still be a Hottie If I Have Dentures?" installment.

Sarah @ | 6:13 PM

This is too funny! Sadly, though, I got my first gray hair at the ripe old age of 19. There aren't many grays in there, but there are a couple. If I plucked 'em all out, well, it's just too time-consuming!

surcey | 7:49 PM

Can I just say that I love you?

Anonymous | 10:15 PM

You're gorgeous girl, don't even worry about the gray. Just be glad you know your natural hair color, I doubt I'll notice if i get a gray hair, I dye mine so often, don't even know what's really growing under there.

Bea | 1:20 AM

Snap! David also has minimal hair, but still refuses my generous offerings of (grey) hair. How rude!

mr.notouching | 6:52 AM

My wife mentioned a couple of times that you are pretty funny. After reading this post I know what she meant :)

AmyAnne | 9:50 AM

My husband was going gray when I met him at 21. I LOVE gray hair. He shaved his head from 23-27 and when it grew back - BAM! All gray. LOL.

I am 35 and just seeing it at my temples. I love it. Anyway, I read something that said it was a build up of peroxide in the body or something and that soon they will be able to fix it for you gray-phobes.

beckyferris | 12:14 PM

this is adorable!

spicylikeginger | 12:36 PM

I found my first grey hair a few days before my 21st bday. And it had grown all the way out. I was bleaching my hair blond back then, so that's probably why I didn't notice at first. It runs in my family. I've always loved it when folks have a streak in the front, like Bonnie Rait, or Rouge. And guess what? That's exactly how mine is growing in. It rocks, I love it, and I kinda wish it would all grow in grey now, cuz I've always thought it was hot when someone with a young face had lots of grey hair. And btw - grey hair isn't grey. It's actually white/silver as it lacks all color. And it sparkles in the sunlight!

Catherine | 1:25 PM


Unknown | 7:47 PM

OMG. You rule. I love this story. About to email you about an idea, too...xo

L.L. | 8:56 PM

I started going grey when I hit 20. It only comes in in a streak right in the front of my hair, not unlike what Jay Leno has going on. Even though my mom has the same streak, I figure its more karma than genetics, because I made fun of that streak for years....yeah, right up until it showed up on my own head. My husband doesnt have any grey hair, and neither does his father, who is in his 50's.


Monica | 10:53 AM

I found you through Momversation. You are fantastic! Such a great perspective you bring.. you all do.

Anywho, how cute is Hal? and fable? and all ya'll?! Gorgeous.

Mary@Holy Mackerel | 7:50 PM

I now ignore my gray hair, and hold a very large party whenever I find one that isn't gray...

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy | 11:19 AM

I found three white hairs growing in the front of my hair. I am 24 years old. Fuck my life. seriously.

kittenpie | 7:33 PM

Truly, it wouldn't be so bad if they weren't of such a different texture and insisted on sticking up oddly among your other hair (and for my crazy hair, that is saying something), even when they are coloured over. Buggers. Of course, wright now I have all that post-preg regrowth sticking up instead. Bleh.