Month (Chapter) Eleven: Little Woman

Oh, brother.

Eleven was a rough month. A wonderful month but also a difficult one. Little sleep. Many teeth*. Much crying from all parties as we paced the living room pushing strollers, rocking Fable in the wee hours before dawn. On the positive, with new teeth have come new words (dada, hi, ball, book) and a collection of perfectly-crafted torn-from-a-storybook moments:

*music credit: Lady on the Water by: Blitzen Trapper

In the words of Archer, "Happy birthday-in-one-month-from-today to you, Fabes."

cumulus cloud thigh, Brava.



*more on teething, including exceptional advice from readers, here.


Courtney | 6:42 PM

Unbelievable cuteness! My son is 11 months on the 7th, so I always love watching your videos (and wishing I was 1/10th as creative as you) of Fable. They've grown so quickly, and it seems that this past month they've learned a million secrets.

Heather B. | 6:49 PM

I'm always that girl who is amazed by the way time passes but really it's crazy and I'm surprised by it each time. 11 whole months, Fable. What will you do next?


I might have teared up a little hearing her say "book." There's just something about learning to talk...

Such a sweet, sweet girl. I can't believe it's been eleven months already!

Anonymous | 7:43 PM

What a sweetheart.

Amanda | 7:52 PM

ADORABLE. So sorry I missed wishing her a happy birthday one month from now today (when I met you). That thigh is delightful. I love these monthly chapters.

Sara | 8:19 PM

So sweet! And those are some delicious looking thighs.

Heather | 8:35 PM

She looks so much like you.

Brooke | 8:53 PM

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the thigh picture! You will treasure that one for years to come. She will be mortified at age 16 or so... but oh well!

Angie | 9:52 PM

Like another commenter, my daughter is close in age with Fable (almost 10 months) and I love watching your movies of Fable and imagining what's coming up. I am with you on the teething...the last 2 weeks have been rough, Addie has all 4 front teeth coming in and who knows how long they are going to take, she's *technically* been teething for over 6 months now, but we're big time now! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

Karen | 6:27 AM

Fable is so cute! And she has such a sense of style, I can't stand it!

My daughter is about a month younger than fable and I love to see how babies grow and change. I think it's great that Fable says "book," I think my daughters first word will be either microwave or remote...

stephanie | 7:03 AM

Happy 11 months, Fable!

And your other post, about teething? Thank you. Jasper is getting his first teeth now, and while Sean and I haven't been fighting, we have definitely been strained. I didn't connect the dots, but holy hell, are we exhausted right now. We're using the Hyland's tablets that have chamomile and belladonna, and they seem to help, but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez teething is rough on the whole family.

Adrianne | 8:33 AM

Oh my, she's absolutely gorgeous, Rebecca! And could she look any more like Archer?! Ok, I suppose she could, but she's really starting to resemble him don't you think? Or did I make that up? At any rate, she's a doll! Happy one month before your real birthday Birthday, Fabes! :)

kelliq | 8:46 AM

Apparently I am alone in thinking this, but OMG could she look any more like Hal?!?

I love these videos. So delicious, she is.

Randi | 8:47 AM

How awesome are Archer's eye lashes in the picture of him putting Fable in a sleeper hold??
I wish I had the creativity and patience to do these sorts of things for my kids. With boy #2 on the way, I might just have to start something like this.

Teething is a bitch. It seems so cruel to put such little beings through so much agony.

genbloom | 9:07 AM

Eeeeee! Her excitement at the end sent shivers up my spine and tears to my eyes. Brava!

sarah | 9:17 AM

She is more stunning every time I visit your page.

Miss M | 12:05 PM

I LOVE your monthly videos. I started reading your blog when I was pregnant, and I thought "what a wonderful way to keep track of baby's life" but I thought it would be really difficult to do.

Since I am way to lazy to print pictures out and put them in a book, I tried it after my son was born and got the hang of it really quickly, and I am so happy I did. I have so much fun making them, and I hope my son can look back on them when he is older and see how he grew in action! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Michelle Nielsen MS BCBA-LBA | 12:21 PM

I have bestowed upon you a Your Blog is Fabulous Award! Visit to check it out.

Unknown | 2:11 PM

The thigh...Oh that sweet chubby little thigh! I love it! Sweetest thing ever!

Ray | 4:05 PM

Beautiful song, beautiful child & beautiful family. HAPPY 11 MONTHS TO FABLE AND TO YOU!! =D I love that photo of Fable and her daddy. So sweet. And I loved that quote at the end, "Sounds like you." ;o)

Staci Magnolia | 7:04 PM

Rebecca, oh my gosh, that thing with the mirror?!?!?!?!? AH.DORE.
Happy Mommy=Happy Baby

mfk | 7:12 PM

Her squeals are so cute! She chirps! And I LOVE that Archer calls her Fabes. Did you start that or did he? brilliant.

Karen | 7:40 PM

Look at that LEG! Smoosh. I love it.

Nicole | 12:25 AM

She is so sweet and the video is just precious!

Anonymous | 5:04 AM

Happy almost-birthday Fable! I love her squeals! She's just perfect.

Sarcastica | 2:23 PM

Happy 11 months Fable!

Rebecca, you have gorgeous children. And your photography skills FAR outdo mine, heh. May I ask what camera you use?

Unknown | 10:43 AM

I don't have anything really to add, except to reiterate that you have some seriously, amazingly beautiful kids there.

Sarcastica | 1:32 PM

Oh and also I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award :) the post goes up Sunday (tomorrow)

Bella at Lunatic Family Tree | 2:31 PM

Happy sounds and eyes. Thank you for sharing the happiness in your life.

MeL | 5:50 PM

And WHERE have the past 11 months gone, I ASK YOU?! My small Milo and your precious Fable, they arrived on nearly the same cloud. And while I try REALLY hard not to begrudge you your skinny jeans (with my 70 pound pregnancies and 10 pound babies) the kinship I feel as I read you on her... you put into words that which skitters around the ragged edges of my tired consciousness as I chase around the 3 small men who are my masters. I try not to envy your little girl. Try and fail. Fail and try. ANd every photo makes me think a 4th might be worth it, because it might be a tiny Fable Girl. You are my anti-birth-control, but I can't begrudge you this. Remind me to smother you in totally awkward hugs whenever I finally meet you.

kittenpie | 9:46 AM

Wow. The Bun turned one this past weekend, too. How this year has flown by! And almost unblogged and unread by me, too, as I was just too busy with him. Going back to work tomorrow, I'm diving back in, just in time to see this. how lovely she still is! And a smartie, with the words - The Bun is slower than his sister with that, and while there are things he says often, we haven't figured out what they mean yet. (Maybe it's us being slow? dunno.) Anyhow, glad to see you doing so well, and see you soon now that I'm climbing back in the saddle!