She & Him

she is...

a sparkle

a rainbow

a laugh.


a sage

a cloud

a whisper.


they are...

left and right.
night and day.
love and love.



Kate | 11:57 PM

This is great. I always think it's a blessing when siblings are like night and day. What a wonderful opportunity for them to balance each other, to help the other with things that are easy for themselves.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 12:35 AM

They may be opposites in personality but I think Fable is starting to really look like her big brother.

Anonymous | 1:12 AM

I absolutely, absolutely love your blog. And your children are beautiful. :)

- From Your Teenage Reader. (haha)

Mama Cas | 5:09 AM

Adorable. Isn't it amazing how 2 children with the exact same genetic background can be SO different? I have 4 kids and they are each so completely different.

Meg | 5:10 AM

So so so cute. LOVE that photo of Fable with the mouth, so many teeth!

Barry and Amy | 7:17 AM

My two little dudes are night and day as well. It's so fun to watch them interact and be their separate selves.

Mo | 7:24 AM


sam | 7:32 AM

and they are beautiful!!!
i can't believe fable has so many teeth! wow! hehe

BEAT | 10:17 AM

If you ask my mother what her favorite thing is about having the two children she does have it is because we are complete opposites. she says it made parenting an adventure. Each day new. Each decision and technique different. My brother (older) seems much like your soon. And me, I am the vocal, center of attention, sunny kind of person.

Amy | 12:21 PM

Love it! I so needed to read this today! I will be having my second son tomorrow and they will be exactly one day short of two years apart. Siblings are such a blessing. they nurture and shape each other in ways only siblings can. <3

NewSingleMama | 1:02 PM

You son is so cute, I love shy kids. I think there's a little something extra special about them.

amie | 2:33 PM

This is lovely. I miss Pinkberry.

racher | 6:13 PM

Love this. My she and him are a sparkle and a whisper, too.

Sarah | 7:02 PM

beautiful post.

Unknown | 8:17 PM

Whoa! Fable looks really different with a maw full of chompers! They are insanely adorable.

Wild To Child | 8:42 PM

You have such beautiful children. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow?

Amber M

Marisa | 9:46 PM

Beautiful! I love your posts. Thanks so much for being willing to share.

Allison the Meep | 5:58 AM

Good Blog Almighty, your children are beautiful. And what's with Archer looking like he has the wisdom of a very old man, rather than that of a 4 year old? Pretty amazing.

Anonymous | 6:40 AM

Aww. That reminds me. I used to call my older two Dawn and Eve. Amazing how different their personalities can be.

mfk | 9:50 AM

pinkberry! And Fable does look a lot like Archer... but she's still rockin her own style/ smile. What a cute kid... kisses to her little forehead bruise.

Loukia | 12:01 PM

Just beautiful!

Candace | 5:40 PM

I love that she has a bruise on her forehead! My E is the same age and girl always has bruises on her face. Great age, so graceful!

Ray | 9:38 PM

The sweetest thing. Your children are beautiful. God bless them. <3

Krista | 1:00 PM

Your babies are beautiful. And they've got such great style thanks to Mama, I'm sure.

I LOOOOOVE black socks on boys. Don't know why, but I do!

Happy Tuesday!

Kendra | 4:13 PM

My mom just commented yesterday about my sister and myself that she doesn't know which one of us was switched at birth, but it has to have happened, because we cannot be that different and be sisters. And it's true, we are so different in so many ways, it's amazing we're related. But she's also my best friend, the first one I turn to, no matter what.

My boys are so different, and they're at a tough age where my oldest is wanting to establish distance while his brother wants to be a part of that bigger world. But I know, even as I watch them argue and struggle, that a sibling is the best gift I could have given either of them. It's so very, very precious.