Track 13/100

I've heard this song a hundred thousand times but it still makes me cry and watching Karen Peris perform it completely tips me over. I figured this song was appropriate given some of my latest posts and also because The Innocence Mission's Now the Day is Over has played softly on repeat pretty much every night since Fable's birth. Archer's too. (Me thinks that Peris' voice is the equivalent of sugarplums for the sleeping pysche.)

Also, I love these words:

Waiting at the airport on my suitcase,
a girl traveling from Spain became my sudden friend,
though I did not learn her name.
And when the subway dimmed
a stranger lit my way.
This is the brotherhood of man.

I was lucky enough to travel quite a bit during my single girl days and always the most memorable moments of my adventures were those spent with strangers between start and finish lines. At bus stops and airports, slumped across the benches of train stations in the middle of nowhere. Those were some of the only times I felt like regardless of politics or class or race or circumstance, we were all in this together. Because when the flight was cancelled and the train never came? We absolutely were.


13. The Innocence Mission - Brotherhood of Man