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If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge fan of La Blogotheque. It's my favorite website on the Internet for sure, features the greatest bands worldwide and does so with the kind of joie de vivre and timeless, quirky elegance that inspires happy thoughts and instills a sort of faith in humanity.

Music has always been performance based and yet, somehow the street musician has been lost at see. He gets stepped over with yesterday's news because he performs "for free" and therefor is seen by the majority as worthless.

Years ago I wrote a (quite unpublished) novel about a street musician and spent much of my single life researching street performers and wishing I were brave enough to join them. I don't think there is a more honest profession in all the world as the man or woman who sings for his or her supper - who plants sound and poetry in moments that might otherwise be mundane, exhausted, hopeless. La Blogotheque celebrates the moment that is music. The tripping, strumming, singing, patting, dancing, swaying, smiling, kicking, we're-all-in-this-life-together moment.

12. Andrew Bird - Spare-Ohs