The below video was recorded the day Bo and Revi were born which makes me want to cry for some reason. Maybe because there are so many moments happening every second of every day and imagine the split screen, you know?  Of all the babies being born and the music being played and all the people being happy and sad and caring about each other and yelling and hugging and breaking up and saying I love you with their eyes.

A million years ago I spent an entire day riding the same subway back and forth. I was convinced that in that time I would be confronted with every kind of difference. A thousand moments occurring in the same place on the same day - all of them completely unrelated.

And yet, they weren't. The same sweater appeared and then appeared again on a different girl. A man offered food to a homeless man and then, an hour later, the same thing happened. A father with his three Orthodox children and then, again, a father with his three Orthodox children. A boy whispering "I love you" to a girl and then another boy doing the same, two stops later. About an hour into what I thought was an original "writer's" exercise I realized the girl sitting across from me, at the other end of the car was doing the same thing. She was spying on strangers and taking notes and that was when I realized I would never be the original I thought I was. I was just like everyone else. Humbling, that. Like finding bugs in your hair. Like Oscar Wilde's quote about everyone being in the gutter looking at the same stars.

My point being (I don't really have a point) EVERYTHING is happening always. And right now, November 26th, 2012 at 10:11am PST, babies are being born and dudes are playing incredible songs to share with strangers and ugg boots are falling off toddler feet and lives are changing and changing and changing.
Right... now, something just happened.

And rigggggght now, a billion more somethings.

And right now right now right now infinity nownownownownow. And we get to live every moment with the knowledge that AMAZINGNESS is everywhere. Shittiness, too, but also amazingness.

We're all riding the same subway in matching sweaters, saying I love you to our girlfriends with notebooks in our hands to make us feel important. We're all related. I have no idea where I'm going with this except that I've had a long weekend and feel kind of frazzled and emotional.

So, here. Listen to some music, friends: 

143. Half Moon by: Blind Pilot 

And another, becausesogood:

144. One Red Thread by: Blind Pilot


P.S. Break it down, Bo & WWW.
photo-9 photo-8 photo photo-1 photo-5 photo-10 (And you don't stop.)
(until you do.)



glenda | 11:04 AM

Yesterday I had a convo just like your post.
Ups and downs
Nothing stays the same
Change is good
It's the dynamics of the change that makes us wiser and stronger
Great post!!!