Fable & Fable: A Fable

Lately Fable has been drawing self portraits and in them, she is more than just one person, she is two, sometimes three, four. 

"What are you drawing, Fable?"

"I'm drawing pictures of myself. And myself. And myself and myself."
In these pictures she is up and she is down. She is in trees and castles and upside down in the grass. She is looking at herself and she is turning away. She is yellow and brown and sometimes purple. She is a princess and a dragon and a princess-dragon. She is Fable, the everything.
IMG_8987 IMG_8861
Because sometimes I'm in a castle and sometimes I'm not in a castle and sometimes I'm in a castle at the very top and I need to catch me because I'm going to fall so I need to be there in the grass to catch myself when I climb too high at the top.
(Sometimes children are the smartest kind of people.)



pepperdove | 3:06 AM

Such beautiful writing! And of course, a beautiful soul to write about.

Unknown | 7:30 AM

Love her soul.