Liner Notes: Halloween Edition

IMG_7346 non identical "fins" or "fin sisters"
IMG_7036 Ballerina Princess Fairy aka "Flowerheart"
IMG_7476 Darth Blazer (without the blazer. too formal)

One of the best parts of having kids is dressing them up as things. Which happens for about two years before they're like, "Oh HELL no, I'm not wearing that. I'm DARTH VADER!" So, might as well enjoy it while you can and spend the entire day dressing up your small children as George Washington, Ben Franklin and a unicorn.
IMG_7215 IMG_7221 IMG_7222 IMG_7450 IMG_7217 IMG_7448 IMG_7454 IMG_7445 IMG_7456 IMG_7455 IMG_7457
Fable spent the day in and out of costumes, which is basically how she spends every day but at one point she turned to me and said, "Mama? This is the best day of my life" and I know what she means. Dressing up is fantastic, Having an excuse to wear six costumes in ONE day? The best. 
IMG_6932 IMG_7440 IMG_7444 IMG_7442 IMG_7035 IMG_7441
I bought Bo and Revi's costumes at Pottery Barn after browsing the site online and realizing that Bo looked EXACTLY like the seahorse and Revi looked EXACTLY like the goldfish.
Non-identical fin sisters.
IMG_7474  Get it? Because they're twins?  IMG_7473 IMG_7471 Hold on, here are a thousand more pictures:
I had planned to forgo Halloween this year and dress as nothing a la "this is the kids' holiday now, not mine" and then the night before Halloween realized this was a horrible idea and ran off to the nearest Halloween shop an hour before closing. 
Unfortunately, the only costume they had for women that didn't involve nipple pasties and butt cleavage was a nun costume. So? I decided I'd be a Mother... of four. That way Hal could be a Father of Fore aka Benjamin Franklin, which was nowhere near as good as last year's Angelina but I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that our gold standard has already been reached. Que Sera.
Bo and Revi HATED that Hal had hair and flipped out the entire thirty seconds it took me to snap a couple photos. 
ed: He ditched the "wig" right after I took this picture and went trick or treating as a bald unicorn in a judge's robe instead. 
Oddly, they seemed perfectly fine with me sans bangs, dressed as a nun with a horn aka Mother Offour, aka an "unsexy" unicorn.
Because nothing says "screw you, sexy costumes!" like dressing up as someone who doesn't have sex. SO THERE!
Archer's very whatever about costumes but loves pumpkin carving. Here is a very dark picture post-carving pumpkins. You can't really see him, but trust me, he's pumped.
IMG_7443 Archer and Bo are on the left, Fable and Revi are on the right
It was the first year we spent our Halloween just us kids and I realized, as we were walking around, that it was kind of awesome that way.
Sure, it was a pain in the ass to get out the door, but once we made it? Magic.
photo IMG_7487
What about you guys? Tell me about your costumes? (Halloween is my favorite.)



A recap of Halloweens past = 


Valeta | 4:46 PM

Halloween is my favorite too! I was little red riding hood (handing out a basket of goodies.) My one month old was nothing because she pooped all over her pumpkin outfit. Husband was the big bag (were)wolf. 9 year old son was an executioner. 5 year old daughter was a "nature princess." 3 year old son was an alien. I stayed home with the new baby while husband took the big kids out. It was super fun because I got to see all the costumes that cane to my door.

Margie | 9:53 PM

We had such an excellent time! My three year old went as a self-styled Dorothy (all out of her own clothes- easy for me!), with me as the tin woodman and hubs as the cowardly lion- the low-key versions to match our Dorothy. We went around our neighborhood meeting old and new friends around every corner. Everyone was so friendly and happy to be giving and receiving. We went back to our digs to warm up by the small fire in our neighbor's yard and had a great time handing out our treats (while the kiddo gorged herself with such joy). It was epically fun and exciting to actually trick or treat for our first time as a family in our new fantastically friendly neighborhood!