Sack Bunch (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post was sponsored by baby deedee. Thanks, baby deedee!
Before purchasing our house we had it inspected (obviously) and were told our heater was unusable - even toxic - laced with asbestos and DO NOT TURN ON YOUR HEATER UNTIL YOU REPLACE YOUR HEATER NO HEAT FOR YOU COLD BRRRRR NO HEAT BAD HEAT NO.

To back up, our home is ORIGINAL. Everything from the plumbing to the electric in the house is circa 1928. AKA, we'll be spending the rest of our lives working on things. (Our electric is insulated with cloth. Which... huh.)

Anyway, we decided since we had to drop a grip on replacing the heating system that we might as well put in central air-conditioning so we don't spend another summer hanging out with extended family on the bed. Which is fun and all, but... you know. It's our bed.

Anyway AGAIN (sorry) I've spent the last few weeks hanging out with heating people and collecting quotes and forwarding everything to Hal. In the meantime, Fall in Los Angeles, is of course brutal. JK. It's not brutal. But it does get pretty cold at night and even though Bo and Revi have a floor unit in their room, I have spent the last month trying to understand how to control its temperature.

Every morning it's either too hot or too cold and NEVER has it been just right. Which is annoying. HOWEVER, earlier this summer Baby DeeDee hooked us up with a couple of cozy sleep sacks so, I've been keeping the temperature warm but not HOT and tucking them into their sacks before bed so they have some extra som'n some'n to keep them comfortable and warm and safe and happy.

Voila, the baby deedee sleep nest that is so cozy you will want to crawl inside it with your child and just hang out. With your child. In a sack.



Of course, there's still Fable, who has ALWAYS insisted on sleeping ON TOP of her covers because she doesn't like the "feel of blankets" (I have no idea how this is a thing) so if Baby DeeDee could come up with a preschool-aged version, preferably in pink princess print, I'd be super grateful.

In the meantime, I can sleep easy knowing Bo and Revi are cozy in their sleeping bag bedtime ensembles and soon enough, we will have heat. We will! We even hired someone today! SERIOUSLY! I am very excited! We will have central heat and then I won't be writing in the wee hours of the night in three sweaters and a beanie! And yes, I live in Los Angeles but I am terrible at temperature change! Please laugh! I will stop using exclamation points now! (No I will not, actually!)
ED: trying to take pictures of babies while they're going to bed is impossible so I took these photos of Bo & Revi in their sacks yesterday afternoon so you can see how cute they look as caterpillars/eating a pen/trying to levitate a pillow.

I have a BabyDeedee sleep sack (color of your choice!) up for grabs this week! To win? Tell me something cozy. My cozy? I am sitting under a blanket in a sweater with a sweater under that and slippers and I have tea and a dog at my feet and a heat pad on my back because I throw my back out every other week these days (ahem, growing babes who like to be held at the same time) and that is just the way it is now I guess. I'll pick one winner next Friday, November 16th via disqus randomizer. 

In the meantime, you can find baby deedee on twitter here and facebook here. They're also offering GGC readers a 20% off coupon until November 30th. Just use code GIRL at checkout! Good luck to all and have a great weekend. 


P.S. Thank you all for your comments, shares, wisdom and conversation this week. You guys are amazing and I am so incredibly fortunate to be in your company.


UPDATED: Congrats to Cassie T. for winning the sleep sack! And thanks to all for participating! You're amazing! Stay cozy!


Jenifer | 8:21 AM

This morning I have snuggling 3 week old on my lap keeping me warm while my giant 8 yr old warming his feet underneath me! I would love a sleepsack for my girl! We have central air but we don't use heaters! Crazy I know but Id rather bundle up. I love the cream with green sack!

dna | 8:44 AM

Blessed to have heat, hot water, and power after hurricane sandy in Hoboken, NJ. That's as cozy as this twin prego needs after watching neighbors loose their homes.

Becky | 9:19 AM

My constant cozy? This wee one in my belly. Pregnancy is like portable heating; I'm warm no matter where I go. Add a cute scarf and my down vest when I step outside & this is one cozy NorCal mama.

Camille | 10:49 AM

This sounds so much warmer than the standard sleep sack! We don't like to run the heater at night but I worry about my little guy being warm enough. This sounds perfect!

Katie | 11:09 AM

Cozy in my head takes me back to semi-extended family vacations in Wawona (Yosemite), renting a cabin with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Gathered around the fireplace cuddled up with blankets while my mom, grandma, and the aunts cook. Hope to do that with my 5 month old son sometime soon!

Unknown | 3:07 PM

Super cozy! Makes me think of snow days in Wisconsin as a kid. We'd be home with dad (who had the more flexible job) shoveling snow, building snow men and forts, making snow angels, and staging the inevitable snowball fights (my brothers were rowdy). Afterwards we'd come inside and drink mugs of hot chocolate with marshmellows of course and eat popcorn while leaning against the radiators to warm up.

Willow Naranjo | 12:00 AM

Super cozy: cuddling my Xolo (Mexican hairless dog) under a cashmere blanket, while holding my super soft furry dog like a giant stuffed animal, in our tiny tv room decorated with Mexican folk art.

Melodeep | 7:31 AM

Cozy is something yummy baking, sweaters, coffee, pets, and holding my babes.

Alice in Mammaland | 10:56 AM

I refuse to turn the heat on because la can't make up its mind and will be in the mid 70s next week. So I have on tue dye socks and a sweatshirt from the 4th grade, my 3 year old wont take his uggs off, and my baby has on 4 layers to feel comfortable. I might have to cave tonight;)

Beth | 6:02 PM

My cozy is my 8 pound pup, Sushi. She'll cuddle up just when you need the love.

Rachel | 9:52 PM

Cozy is my seven-month-old cuddled up next to me in bed right now as I type this. She has a summer sleep sack that's short-sleeved and too chilly right now!

Emily | 10:36 PM

Cozy is snuggled between my almost 4 year old and my 6 month old at nap time.

Katie F | 3:34 AM

Would love to have this for my babe this winter - we also live in an older (100+ years) home. My cozy is in front of the fireplace with a warm blanket, a cup of coffee and a great book.

Tina | 7:32 PM

My cozy is a hot cup of hot chocolate and a fire, and usually a cat for good measure ;)

Anna | 10:00 PM

My cozy is wool socks and Trader Joe's Candy Cane green tea, flannel down comforters and old episodes of Friends. And my sweet sleepy 6 month old baby boy.