Thankful: Photo Edition

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...And to all of you who have read, commented, emailed, supported, shared, thank you. So much of what we have as a family wouldn't be possible without your support. So thank you for being my friends and critics, for reading and writing and being open and honest with me - for sharing and letting me bombord you with all the photos you've already seen on Instagram. Thank you for the love you show me and my family, my children, my mother (she says hi, by the way - she's sitting next to me while I'm typing). Thank you for reminding me how amazing people are - how wise and generous and full of love and mind-blowing awesome. And to those who celebrate? Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy these next few days with your people. Blessings to all. 

IMG_9043 Love. Bec, Hal, Archer, Fable, Bo, Revi
IMG_8727 ... & WWW, of course


Tracey r. | 4:10 AM

Amazing pictures!! Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite "Internet family" !! ;) Thanks for sharing all your lovely stories and pictures and amazing family.

Andrea | 6:42 AM

Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family :)

Sarah | 8:58 AM

I want to live at your house, it just always seems magical.

Thank you to you as well, you're awesome-sauce.

glenda | 2:12 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!! Your family is amazing. I love love all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Unknown | 6:56 PM

You're home is beautiful!
Thank you for sharing