TOTW: My Burnish "BARF" necklace (& giveaway)

I know this is the second TOTW this week but I have a lot of things I would like to recommend and in lieu of a holiday gift guide I'm going to be throwing all sorts of awesome recommendations (and giveaways) your way these next few weeks because you guys make rad stuff and gift guides are too much for me to put together because I get confused and overwhelmed and itchy on my neck part.

So. Allow me to haphazardly recommend things I love made by awesome people (everyone has been vetted for proof-of-awesome, btw) from now until the end of the year.

First up? Burnish via Etsy: a store I found after searching (everywhere) for the perfect "mother of four" necklace that didn't look insane with all the charms everywhere. I wanted something simple, elegant and appropriate for every day that could become a part of me -- something I could sleep in and shower in and never take off BFF. And then BAM I FOUND IT BAM:
I purchased the necklace immediately, complete with B-A-R-F charms (AFBR) and since its arrival, last year, have not taken it off.

(Well. Unless you count the time I broke it in a bizarre unfolding-the-stroller-incident, but I was able to send it back to be fixed and my necklace and I have since been reunited and now we are sitting here together composing this post, the end, happily ever after.)
Perfect, right? I know! And super affordable as well. (Four hand-stamped charms for $49? Brilliant.) This holiday season, I'll be purchasing this necklace for some of the mamas in my life (including one of you! woo!) To win? Tell me whose initials you'd hang around your neck. I'll pick one winner via disqus randomizer on Monday, November 26th!

Good luck to all and much love to you and your BARF, whomever they are.
P.S. This is what was happening below/around the photo crop as I attempted to "artfully" display my necklace against bursts of joyous sunlight.

UPDATED: Congrats to Kathleen for winning the burnish necklace and thank you all so much for participating! 




Unknown | 9:15 AM

I would get the initials M and E for my 3 month old twins and C and another E for my husband and myself.

Mama Bee | 9:20 AM

I just have one monkey and I'd put his B on it for Beckett!

kimalli1 | 9:56 AM

I would have J for my hubby and Z and S for my girlies.

Tracey | 10:01 AM

E for my monkey and C for my honey. ;)

Jos | 10:12 AM

Love it. I would have A for my husband and M & J for my two kids. JAM?

K├Ąthe | 10:12 AM

W P A for my whole family. I love them so.

Tina | 10:17 AM

So pretty! I would get C and A for my two little loves.

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

I'd do TCC for my husband and sons.


glenda | 11:13 AM

I'd get JC. My hubby, son & daughter all have the same initials JC3 my loves.

Anonymous | 11:51 AM

Awww I love it! I would get a J for the husband and an O and D for my sons!
jackiecopeland @ yahoo dot com

Sonja | 12:15 PM

So awesome, and not so birthstone overload-ish!! I would get an A and an E for my Ava and Emmy, love them so!!!

Sonjuh@hotmail dot com

Fuchs Family | 12:24 PM

C & H for my boys.

kayla k. | 12:28 PM

I would get E, D and E for my babies.

Anonymous | 12:32 PM


What Would Momma Duggar Do?

cory | 1:59 PM

So.pretty! I'd get O and F for my Oliver and Felix!

Krystan | 2:27 PM

This exact thing is on my etsy wish list! I would get both my kids' initials, as well as my husband and I, that way I can have my whole family with me always. (EJJK)

amyhv | 4:16 PM

So perfect...I would get the initials of my twin girls and my little guy...ARS (it's too bad there is no E!)

Unknown | 4:31 PM

I love this!! I want one, but feel lame buying it for myself and my husband probably would never think of it on his own... I'd have EH has my initials.

Liz L | 4:37 PM

Well, C and B for my boys. This is too precious.

Melissa | 6:06 PM

L for my sweet boy, but I'd love to wait 6 more weeks until we know if the second charm would be a C for a baby boy or a T for a baby girl!

Theresa | 7:21 PM

Oh my goodness...after days of searching etsy for my own mama necklace, I also found Burnish and fell in love and bought myself one several months ago. I would love to get one for my sister-in-law with her three little boys' initials (T, J, and M).

Teresa | 8:20 PM

My charms would be A,M,G,C & K for my five loves.

Kristen | 8:27 PM

E for my little scrumpchkin and flank it with S and V for her strong, crazy beautiful great grandmothers, wild women of the untamed world of mothering before blogs, pinterest, or FMLA protected maternity leave.

DreamGypsy | 8:33 PM

C & A

Unknown | 8:45 PM

P S C for my perfect family of 3!

Cheekers | 9:27 PM

I would have G for my little bud and K and M for my guy and I.

Bunny | 9:28 PM

I would do A and Z for my daughter Ari and my son Zeke.

leeshka | 9:34 PM

I'd get a T-A-G for my trio of my Spawn, husband and myself

Margie S. | 9:34 PM

That necklace is lovely, and the giveaway is lovely! I would get M, D and Z for the three!

karin leigh | 2:40 AM

Beautiful and simple! COMA for me (birth order COAM) coma was unintentional as I'm sure BARF was;)

franziska | 8:10 AM

V & a for my girls and w & f for hubby and myself

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

Love those! I am single and childless, but would get two Ms for me and my twin sis.


jess | 11:01 AM

Love it!! I'd have LIC for my 3 girls, Liberty, Indiana & Coco.

Tara Vuono | 11:23 AM

S & A for my two little guys, almost 3 and almost 4 months.

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

E for my 2 year old Ellie and M for my 7 month old Marin!

Kirsten Hollan

Carolyn | 2:45 PM

I'd get C, J, and C for myself, my husband, and our son.

Unknown | 2:49 PM

R, J & J. Love my little fam of 3!

Melodeep | 6:57 PM

R & B for my bug n daddy. So sweet.

CallieAnnie | 7:50 PM

At our house, S is for Sam, I is for Isaac.

Jenna | 7:56 PM

L, S, A for my big girl and her twin sibs. So glad you posted as I lost the Tiffany engraved charm necklace that I wore daily (broken clasp? Don't know but devastated) and have been looking for a suitable and more affordable replacement. Yay for supporting a small, woman-owned biz!

Jenna.benyehuda at gmail dot com

Mira MacIver | 8:46 PM

I've got a Finn (4) and an Archer (1) & an Harrison (1). So I'd need a FAH!

Unmadebeds | 4:57 AM

H for Hadley, R for Riley, and Q for Quinn...I need a vowel! Love this necklace!!

ec | 6:04 AM

love it. simple and beautiful.

a for alivia, h for Halle, j for Jane & d for drew.

VlogMom | 11:58 AM

Beautiful necklace. I would get 7 letter K's for all of my children. Would you get a discount for that?! nichole.hinton (@) gmail . com

Marie | 6:20 AM

ETC... E for Emilie, T for Tristan and C for Charlotte. My three beautiful babies.

HarperBklyn | 9:20 AM

J for Jonas
W for Willa
S for Sarah


Andrea | 1:41 PM

C and C with a side of C and round it off with an A. Love the BARF!

Unknown | 9:57 PM

I would get W, L and R for the kids of a great friend and give it to her as a gift during a hard holiday season for her. It's so pretty! And where did you get the phone case?!?

Carcharodonna | 11:57 PM

I would get A and C, my children. I've been looking for one of these a long time! I love the simplicity of it! Gorgeous!

Sarah Berry | 12:44 PM

I agree with the "whoa... Calm down" nature of mom jewelry. I've been looking for a while too. I would get B, C, & E. One for my lovely husband and one for each adorable kiddo.

L.L. | 9:13 PM

I would get my kids names - I have an A and an S and am due with another in December, who will probs be an Ass? Hmmmm maybe SAS would be a better arrangement :)