I was listening to First Aid Kit on my headphones Monday morning when First Aid Kit walked into the cafe I was writing in and proceeded to order food. And then I sat there stunned and crazy-eyed as I smiled at Klara like an idiot and she... smiled back. Kindly.  I wanted so badly to say something but in the moment I just... couldn't. It all seemed too coincidental and surreal so instead instead I just sat there, frozen, typing the same three words over and over for thirty minutes as their music played in my ears and they talked amongst themselves on the other side of the counter.

Until, finally, they got up to leave and I panicked because OH MY GOSH THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE TO SAY SOMETHING so I leapt out of my chair and made the following proclamation in a language that was mostly made-up.


And then they smiled and said thank you and then I turned around and walked into the bathroom and closed the door and hid.

Which, two days later, I am still regretting.

I wanted to say more. I wanted to tell them the story of how I was listening to this song when they walked in. I wanted to buy them a coffee or breakfast... a cookie for the road. As a token of thanks. Because so many times their music has brought me peace and their voices have taken my breath away.

And I'm sitting here totally regretting not having said those things or done those things or, you know, acted like a proper human being.


They were extremely gracious in the face of my rambling nervousness. And it made me love them infinitely more if that's even possible. So I'm posting another (two) of their songs even though I've posted songs by them before.

If you needed another reason to support this band, here's what: they're the real deal, lemon peel. They win all the prizes.

(Also, watching this video makes me realize that I'm not alone in my bumbling awkward run-away-to-the-bathroom-omgwhatismyproblemawkwardness when it comes to the Söderberg sisters. Phew to that.)


182. Our Own Pretty Ways & Waltz for Richard by: First Aid Kit