last minute halloween ideas. or not.

Since everyone else is doing it, I thought I'd jump in and recommend some couples/family costume ideas that may or may not work for you and yours based on the last seven years of throwing stuff together at the very last minute.

Circus Family: Illustrated Man, Conjoined Twins, Bearded Lady 
Siamese Twins, Bearded Biotch. Illustrated Man You will need:

 - temporary tattoos + iron on letters + tank top + pants for baby + cape?
- a balloon
- facial hair for lady
(I trimmed my bangs and stuck them to tape which was gross but very real-looking.)
Freak Love Halloween Hallway


Family Portrait
You will need:

-Two ugly sweaters
-some stick-on mustaches for unibrow
- a stick on beard (for top of head, preferably bald)
- a wig
- a duck costume (or something that looks like a duck?)
- iron on letters if you want to iron-on some letters
Bert and Ernie Bert and Ducky
(Archer looks exactly like Revi here. I see their resemblance most of all.)


Going as Each Other
You will need:

to trade clothes.
Untitled Untitled (and a bald head thing if your significant other is bald.)
Untitled Untitled


Katy Perry & Elmo 
(kind of dated but that makes it funnier?)
IMG_9224 IMG_9221
This one required a bit of work. I had to buy Hal a wig and a lady's fairy costume and a veil and also an Elmo Costume which, yeah. More work than usual but worth it. I mean... hi. 
The Katy Perry/ Elmo "controversy" is long passed and I'm trying to think of something similarly controversial but I got nothing. Perhaps you can go as Miley and the Foam Finger? (Hal and I were going to go as Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake a la Superbowl 2004 because how quickly we forget, right? But then we decided it was way too much work and nobody would get it and it was just funny to us. Which is probably how it is every year.) 


The Jolie-Pitts
Halloween with the Jolie-Pitts
This one was my all-time favorite because it was a night-before throw-together and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did when my dad snapped these photos of us. (Sleep deprivation makes everything more hysterical.)
P1011330 (Brad Pitt circa "Snatch")
You will need:

a marker
some wigs
several children/newborn twins/dolls
men's clothes
a black dress
a baby bjorn
P1011348 P1011355 P1011368

Last year we went as a Mother of four/Father of Fore which was pretty whatever. This year we have no plans but a whopping six days to figure it out.

How about you guys? Any awesome thrown-together last-minute ideas or links to websites with ideas? I assume most of us are pretty last minute about Halloween, yes? I feel like it sneaks up like a mofo every year and suddenly it's like, "ahhhh! overnight express the princess costume which is three sizes too big but oh well!" xo