Substance + Style: Dani, 22 Weeks

I wanted to make this a weekly thing but it ended up being impossible so here we are two months later, past the half-way point and it's all very exciting around here and holy gorgeous pregnant woman, Batman.
Dress: Vintage via LA Rose
Sunglasses: vintage
GGC: DANNIIIIII. You look amazing and I want to kiss you. Tell me about the last two months? What has changed? How is your pregnancy progressing?

Dani: I look pregnant. That's the most obvious change! Everything is progressing on track. Just this last week I started feeling little pops. Went from nothing happening all the time. Kinda nuts! Curious what a solid kick will feel like.

GGC:  Have you started preparing at all? Nesting? Naming?

Dani: Nesting in the sense that we are obsessively house hunting so we can actually start nesting. Names have been floating around! I don't always know what to say when friends ask to hear our ideas. Cause the real answer is "no way"! Maybe it's just a bit too early
GGC: What have you been wearing?

Dani: I've been wearing a lot of stretchy or at-least flowy vintage dresses cause they are fun and comfy! I just ordered maternity tights and leggings from h&m that I'll wear soon. I'm enjoying finding stuff that makes me feel good and feminine and that I can wear after the pregnancy too.

GGC: How (if at all) have you been preparing?

Dani: I recently talked to a few friends about their complicated traumatic labors and kinda started to freak out. It helped me decide I don't want go the route of reading a ton of books and knowing everything that could go wrong. It's just not for me. I prefer to trust my own instincts going forward and glad I made that re-realization.

GGC:  Your baby is the size of a banana this week. How has that changed the way you look at bananas.

DaniI think its actually a carrot or maybe a squash this week. Those vegetables they pick out are so random that I lose track. I just know she (oh ya I found out its a girl!) is almost a pound and 11 inches long!

GGC: Let's hear it for the baby girls! Let's hear it for the Dani! 
Because it's Fall pretty much everywhere but Los Angeles. (October and September are our warmest months it seems) I picked some cute seemingly maternity-appropriate dresses that I can see Dani wearing. 
Mary Meyer Black Aztec $152

long-sleeved striped maternity ASOS  $35
Holly Tee Doux Ruffle $182
Vera T-Shirt Dress  $50

And if your looking to layer with some cozy knitwear-action, here are some (non-maternity) sweaters that are adorable. (I have a huge crush on Pixie Market if you haven't noticed. Bona Drag, too.)
mocha cable knit
Dusen Dusen Watermelon Sweater 

soldier knit
soldier sweater
quilted tiger

... Or, if it's hot where you live, too. There's this which is adorable and very similar to Dani's non-maternity maternity dress: 
green knit maxi  $120