Places to See: Griffith Park Observatory

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We hadn't been to The Observatory as a family of six ever which is insane because Griffith Park is pretty close to where we live. I think because it's on a hill I feel like it's on the moon. I used to hike Griffith Park with the dogs all the time but that was a lifetime ago and now I feel like the hills are no place to raise a family.

Dumb because the hills are lovely.

The hills are ALIVE with the sound of lovely.

And the views of lovely.

And things pertaining to space.

The last time we spent a family day at The Observatory, Archer was two and Hal and I were talking about maybe having a second baby someday. I had forgotten about this conversation until we walked into the cafeteria area and it all rushed back and OH RIGHHHHT. This is where we had the talk. 

"Fable! This is where we talked about having another baby. About having a YOU," I told her.

She shrugged, grabbed Bo's hand and off they went up the ramp toward the hazy skyline.
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For more on Griffith Park Observatory go here. It's great fun for the whole family. 

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