riding the last train, patching in the rain

After last week's pumpkin patch human-overload we're on a crowd-diet. The kids are actually more than fine with life in a sea of people but Hal and I are like, uhhh... I feel like I'm going to die in large crowds so we've been more thoughtful with our plans. 

Saturday we took the kids to Griffith Park to ride the train (which we hadn't done in years) right as they were closing shop. There were two train rides left and we took them both. It was chilly and the day was nearly done and the light was beautiful and we all bundled together and waved to the ponies and the cars and the buses and the grass and all of the things we passed on our little mission.
We exited the train to what appeared to be a post-apocalyptic farm/world which was exactly what the doctor ordered. 
We had a ball in the car and some snacks so we decided to kick the ball around for an hour with a little boy who, along with his mother, were the only people besides us left on earth.
Then, on Monday, we followed our abandoned amusement park scene up with a trip to the local pumpkin patch just as it was starting to rain.
It was empty and a little drizzly so we spent most of the time with the goats and chickens...
photo-11 photo-13 ...and in and out of the tipi.
It was totally lovely and our new mantra for holiday-crazyeverythinglife this 2013 season now = Arrive late. Embrace rain. Can't lose.
photo-15 ***