A Very Cool Thing: Rainbow in My Room

When I ordered Fable a "Rainbow in my Room" I didn't think it would actually produce rainbows. I had hoped, sure, but too many times I've been excited about ordering things for the kids only to have them arrive broken or weird or completely contrary to the way they were advertised. But last night, when Fable unwrapped her rainbow maker machine and we set it up, turned it on, I cried.

To be fair, I cried when she unwrapped all of her presents because children are so gracious with their facial expressions and also I cry pretty much all the time. I blame my mother who is the same way and my grandfather who is also the same way. It's hereditary for sure.

Fable and I gasped out loud when the rainbow appeared across the wall and then proceeded to roll around beneath it while singing, somewhhhhhhheeeeeere undeeeerrrr the raiiiiinbow.... skies are... black because it's super late and past your bedtime you're going to sleep after thissssss...

ED: On the various websites it says to place the rainbow maker on a "bed stand" but for those with kids in bunk beds, we found it works 10000 times better to stick the light in the bunk somewhere. Like, say, a pillow?
Amazing, right? I mean, THESE THINGS EXIST. Science, you animal! Uncle Milton, you magic maker! 

So there you have it. Yesterday Fable had an amazing birthday. She went to school, wore a huge cardboard birthday necklace, went to "kinder rock" class, danced to Katy Perry's ROAR, gave Rainbowflower a fierce makeover, ate a cupcake, read books and fell asleep under a rainbow.
(Best $22 ever spent.)