We Are Scientists ft Matt Sharp
On Friday night, Hal and I went on a hot date to see We Are Scientists at the Troubador thanks to a new friend named Elizabeth and her husband, Chris Cain (of We Are Scientists) both of whom hooked us up and made us feel really cool and special and awesome and special and special. The show was pure magic, down to the opening band, PAWS, who brought me back to my glory days of moshing in overalls. And so? I moshed. In... NOveralls and Hal was like, "ugh. You're such a mom what are you doing, please stop."

JK! He was like, "DON'T EVER STOP!"

JK. He was like. "Oh."

JK. He didn't say anything.

It just so happened that it was Keith Murray's (also of We Are Scientists) birthday so a special guest (Matt Sharp, formerly of Weezer/currently of The Rentals, performed an encore with the band and busted out with SUSANNE (omg) and The Sweater Song (omg, omg, omg) and Say it Ain't So (omg omg), BECAUSE! at midnight, The Blue Album turned 20 AKA we are all very old. (I just realized me listening to Weezer with my kids is like my mom listening to The Beatles with me. The Blue Album is now officially "oldies station" music. So is Hole's Live Through This and Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream and Green Day's Dookie. Trip out.)

The Blue Album, more than any other record, defined my adolescence.

- First kiss? Blue Album was playing.

- First mix tape I ever made for a friend who I wanted to be more than a friend? Every. single. song. of the Blue Album was included save for Buddy Holly which was, like, not emotional enough.

- First life-shattering breakup? Say it Ain't So was blasting from the tape deck of my 9th grade boyfriend's pick-up. His truck was a heartbreaker.

I cried singing along to Susanne, especially since The Troubador was Mason's and my old stomping ground and Weezer was his favorite and he would have LOST HIS MIND at this moment. And so? I lost my mind on his behalf because DUDE!!!!!

Behold, the Sweater Song/Undone:

And here is one of my favorite songs off We Are Scientists new album: 

And here is one of the greatest videos of all time, probably:

And here is a list of their current tour if you guys are interested in seeing a magical show. Thanks again, Elizabeth and Chris, for an incredibly memorable and totally awesome night. You guys are the best in the west and the east. 


203. Sprinkes by: We Are Scientists