Potty Animals (Er, not so much.)

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It all started when I asked the universe for a sign. My kids have always been late bloomers in the potty training department or maybe I'm just lazy and the idea of pressuring someone to do anything with their bowels makes me... well... poop is not my thing. It is the one thing I feel squeamish about even after four children so dealing with poop accidents... I mean.

This is why I waited for Archer and Fable to decide for themselves when they were ready. Which they did. Eventually. When they were both older than two. One day, they both woke up and were like, "Potty time? Yeah! Let's do this thing!" and then all I had to do was buy them underwear at the store and there were no accidents after that ever. (They had both JUST turned three.) Well, hold on. That's not entirely true. There was ONE bad poop accident where instead of washing and stain removing (my favorite Honest product is the stain remover btw) "soiled" linens, I ended up throwing away all the clothes in the trash can and turning a sweater I had in my bag into a kilt.

And that's why I wasn't in any rush to potty train. Because eventually I knew Archer and Fable would want to use a toilet and that is exactly what happened.

That said, we have been having naked potty time for the last few months and Bo and Revi are AMAZING naked potty people. They are completely awesome at using the toilet when they are naked. They are 10/10 when disrobed. But once you put clothes of any kind on either of them, accident central. Which is why they're still in diapers or WERE in diapers until about two weeks ago, when after a weekend of naked awesome poop-and-pee-on-potty time action, I asked the gods for a sign to... do something to move this potty training business forward. Because, come July, when the girls start school, they would need to wear... clothes.

I am not even kidding when I say that this is what happened when I asked the universe for a sign.

Ready? BAM:
photo 3 copy
Twin toilets. Extremely Fraternal. Parked on the side of the road on the street I always park on when I go write at the coffee shop. I MEAN!


The time had come to bite the bullet and buy some underwear. The time had also come to change my diaper subscription to a training pant subscription instead. (I have also been told that swim diapers make for ideal potty training pants. Like underwear but with... more diaper...ness.)

So that is what I did:
photo 5 photo 4 copy
And Bo and Revi promptly lost their minds but in TOTALLY odd ways that have nothing to do with potty training.

Of course.

Revi decided that underwear were collectables not unlike rare books or original (boxed) Star Wars Figurines and refused to try a single pair on. Instead, she folded them and sat with them on the couch for an entire day before putting EVERY PAIR under her pillow and sleeping with them.

Bo, on the other hand WOULD ONLY wear hers if she could wear ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.


This is what potty training looks like in my house. I totally give up, you guys. I give up.
photo 3
photo 1
photo 4
photo 2 copy photo 1 copy
Which brings us to now. Currently on vacation. Doing naked time before bed and having 100% potty participation. And yet! Out and about, in training pants (which is what they're wearing outside of the house) they refuse to sit on the potty, to "try" and here we go again.

ED: Bo and Revi will NOT wear the same training pants so Bo wears the stars and Revi wears the princesses and if I dare put the princess training pant diaper on Bo, Revi goes ballistic. (I learned this the hard way.)
photo 1 copy (So did Bo.)
photo 2 copy
1. And so, I ask you, dear friends. WWYD? 

2. When did you potty train your kids? 

3. At what age and what was your method of training? 

4. Did you have a similar issue to us? 

I'm especially interested in hearing from those with multiple experiences because every kid is different with this stuff. (Although... hmmm...  Archer and Fable were kind of the same and Bo and Revi are very much the same in this respect. This might be the only thing they have ever done similarly. Which is kind of cute, actually. Not, like CUTE but cute, you know? Anyway...) 

I look forward to your thoughts...

On poop.

(The worst.)


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