Story Time: Stick Kid

I recently read Stick Kid by Peter Holwitz to Archer's class (along with a handful of other favorites) and was struck by how affected the kids were by its words. Of all the books we read that morning, Stick Kid was the one that everyone wanted to hear again, which surprised me because it WAS so simple and elegant and a little bit sad. And then I was annoyed with myself for thinking a child wouldn't appreciate that as much as an adult would.
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I've always despised I Love You Forever. It always felt manipulative and completely disingenuous. Like it was TRYING to get a rise out of me and mothers everywhere. Which pissed me off even before I became a parent. (The Giving Tree is the same way. I mean, COME ON. There is a fine line between being selfless and masochistic! Giving shouldn't mean GIVING UP EVERYTHING! WRONG MESSAGE, SHEL! AHJHJKAHJKA! And don't even get me started on The Rainbow Fish. That book is the very worst of the worst worst worsts.)

Not that Stick Kid isn't an extreme XXL tearjerker because it is. Times infinity. But it's also totally lovely, too, in that it speaks to a child's understanding of parenting and creativity and love and loss and change. It is a book about care taking from a child's perspective.
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A big thanks to my friend, Alexa for giving Archer this book as a gift years ago. Alexa also introduced us to Iggy Peck, Architect back in the day. She's amazing at knowing all the best kids' books. One of the great perks of being an author, herself. Thanks, A. 

P.S. This would make an amazing graduation gift. Or wedding gift. Or new baby gift. Or Father's Day gift. Or just because gift.

UPDATED: This book is apparently out of print which is extremely frustrating/I apologize for not knowing this until now. Sorry about that! In the meantime, you can buy it used on Amazon.