Story Time: A Sister More Like Me

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Okay so let's try this again, shall we? Last week I was an idiot and recommended a book that was out of print (which is so me. I'm a disast with details.) and although there were a handful of copies on sale for 25 cents in the beginning, when you click over now, all of the copies are a zillion dollars and it looks like I'm recommending a book that is insanely priced. I'm not, I swear.

Anyway, here is a book that is available and although I recommended it on Instagram last month, I feel like I want to mention it here as well because I never know who is reading what and what social network is what to whom and Barbara Jean Hicks totally nailed it with this one and Brittney Lee's illustrations are gloriously timeless.
This book is official FROZEN merch but it's also officially awesome and I recommend it with a thousand stars. Especially for those with daughters.

Who are VERY different.

Which my girls very much are.
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This book is as much for adults as it is for teenagers as it is for toddlers and infants and 100 year olds.

Relationships between women are always complicated and growing up I really struggled because I wanted my sister to be EXACTLY LIKE ME WHY ARE YOU NOT EXACTLY LIKE ME. This is something that goes beyond biological sisterhood, of course, and into the entire everywhere.

I spent so many years looking for MY PEOPLE thinking that MY PEOPLE were just like me and that is such total bullshit, man. My people are not like me. My people are like themselves. 
And that is what this book is all about.
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Embracing those who look and think and live differently than we do is one of the most critical life lessons that exists.
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Brilliant book. Nice work on the quality merchandise, Frozen licensing people. As a mother of daughters with few TRUE feminist heroines to look to in film, it has been a joy to witness such success with this movie. Sisterhood represent.
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