Of Montreal...

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Greetings from Montreal! We spent the weekend in Westford, Vermont at my uncle's farm and arrived in Montreal yesterday afternoon. So far we have spent our time rowing a canoe down the canal singing "row row row your boat" and in Old Montreal exploring/dancing/skipping down cobblestones/falling and eating shit on cobblestones/listening to my mom practice her French with every. single. person. we come into contact with/eating food/not sleeping nearly enough/singing and dancing.
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We're like The Von Trapp Family singers gone wrong. Speaking of which, here is a photo of Fable flexing her fab at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont.
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But back to Montreal, which is beautiful and amazing and I never want to leave... (so is Vermont. Holy green. I am going to bombard you all with so many photos next week you are going to want to punch me)....I like this band.

I like this city.

I like being here in this magical place where everything is new and unknown and exciting. We're here until the end of the week before returning to Vermont to spend our last few days at my brother's three-day ye olde rustic wedding in the woods/fields. (Bo and Hal are on fire duty and Archer and Fable are in charge of the s'mores and Revi and I are working the front desk. It is going to be epic and wonderful and we can't wait.)

In the meantime... 

204. She Ain't Speakin' Now by: Of Montreal

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