tree kiss
Okay, so, this live set by Typhoon is truly unbelievable. My sister and I were watching all of these videos last night while texting each other DUDE. DUDE! DUDE. DUDE! the entire time. Unbelievable set. Incredible songwriting. TRUE BLUE...

...When you're young, you're hot
You have your whole life before you
Everyone will adore
You'll grow up, you'll be an astronaut
or anything you want.

What goes up goes up in flames
and now your choices surround you
and decision confounds you
and you're pacing around in place
Shows you everything you're not...

...There's the house you were raised in
There's the yard where you played
The school that taught you to talk
when you had nothing to say
There's your friends and your lovers
and there's the people you hate
all holding hands with each other
like Sunday morning parade...


206. Young Fathers & Caesar/Reed Road by Typhoon