This rules. #LikeAGirl

I have always been a massive Lauren Greenfield fan. Her books Girl Culture and Fast Forward inspired me to take photography classes when I was eighteen, and pitch a book of photos and essays called "Abreast in LA" about breasts...  in Los Angeles. I was twenty years old and had just had my second breast reduction so I was feeling all of the feelings about breasts and body image and what it meant to carry boobs around as an Angeleno in the year 2000. So! I spent several months shooting photos of my friends and family members' boobs for the proposal and then interviewed everyone about how their breasts made them feel as women, young and old. It might have been slightly before its time, #freethenipple and although no publisher wanted to do anything with it, it was a pretty amazing experience sitting down with all of the women in my life, talking to them about their breasts, the good, the bad, the scarred...  It was a pivotal moment for me as a female person and it was Lauren Greenfield who made me want to document stories other than my own. (Thanks, Lauren.) Her voice and vision have always served as reminders of why the teenage voice is a powerful one. (To me, it's the MOST powerful. But I'll get into that some other time.)

So...  when this video came to my attention, this morning, and Greenfield's name was attached, I was already in. And then I watched it and watched it again and watched it one more time and felt all of the feelings and really hope you guys give it a few minutes of your time...

Full disclosure, #likeagirl is a campaign with/for Always (Yes, that Always.) but once again, as products continue to use their brands to support this kind of message, I'm all in. And no, this post is not sponsored.

Bravo to Lauren Greenfield and Always and everyone involved in #LikeAGirl. Can't wait to show this video to my kids when they get home from camp. Play on, ladies.