Story Time: The Baby Tree by: Sophie Blackall

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You know what I love? A good old fashioned children's book that speaks truth. And not just TRUTH in the "factual" sense but truth in the TRUE true/true/TRUTH. At a glance, The Baby Tree is a book about where babies come from that also recognizes the importance of the stories that ALL truths bring to the table, including the fictional, the magical, the make-believe, hey, even the lie...  ALL STORIES have a place within the truth... this is how I justify Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, btw. (We don't do Easter Bunnies, however.)

Some excerpts:
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Authored by Sophie Blackall, of whom I have been a tremendous fan since forever, The Baby Tree is a book about a child who wants to know where babies come from. And the adults who are sensitive to the subject matter and are... careful... with their responses. (The parents, however are pretty on the nose. Good for them, I say.)
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I'm a firm believer in storytelling IN ALL FORMS but also believe with my whole heart that children of all ages are entitled to the truth... in whatever way it can be comfortably delivered by parents, teachers, caregivers and, in this case, wise and whimsical storytellers like Sophie Blackall.
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Oh, and P.S. This is in the back of the book for those who would like to... go deeper:
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Penguin Books USA has graciously offered an original Sophie Blackall baby print to one lucky reader (US only for this one. Sorry about that!) customized with your? baby's name. To win? Tell me how you talk (or plan to) talk to your kids about sex/reproduction. At what age did you have this conversation? Advice or insight to share? I learned about babies/how babies are made via A Child is Born and various nature shows when I was very small. Good times. I'll choose one winner next Wednesday, June 11th. In the meantime, you can order The Baby Tree, here.  Recommended with five stars...
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Cheers to all.