Twin Peeks

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These videos (taken over the last couple of months) were too long to post on Instagram but I wanted to share them because I haven't shared a video in a while and I feel like the friendship Bo and Revi have established is a really amazing case study on partnerships in general. Despite their extreme differences, they are wholeheartedly committed to each other. They are such an example to me, on what it means to be ACCEPTING as well as OUTSPOKEN in all of my relationships -- that without both light and darkness, we would not be able to navigate any of this life stuff...
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My ring is a reminder, too. But the girls extend beyond the metaphor and into the life they live as an example to us all... I have learned so much about how to run a successful marriage by watching two newborns, one-year-olds and now two-year-olds figure out how to navigate their "arranged marriage" of a life...

Twins are born old married couples. And during moments of strife and ugh and bleh, I look to them and remind myself that LOVE is not always loving... or kind... or patient... that, in every and all relationships there is struggle and strife and phases that wax and wane... passion does that to people and it's a wonderful thing, you know? I would rather them yell at each other and then laugh together with the same wild abandon...

That's what Hal and I have, I think. Where there are lows, there are also extreme highs... and I'd rather live with them both than in the land of medium. Thanks for the everyday PSA, girls. 
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