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My sister was in town for one day last week and it was awesome, especially because we got to have ourselves a sister date out on the town with one of my old + all-time faves, (Archer's too) The Polyphonic Spree. The last time I saw The Polyphonic Spree was in 2002 and my brain promptly exploded. It was like joining a tripped-out happy-dancey-dance cult for the night. I was hooked. Fast forward to last week, twelve years later and my sister is now friends with half the band because she is in a band with half the band in Dallas, where she lives. So not only were they awesome to watch, they were also awesome to meet and holy shit, Rachel is the coolest. I felt like a crazy fangirl big sister tagging along because that is exactly what I was. Awesome. I will take it, sirs!

I took a couple short videos (see here) but the sound was less than adequate (my iPhone 4s recently died so I had to get a new one and I bought a 5s and I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. The 4s was FAR superior. Ugh ugh womp) so I'll go ahead and post this track from the new-ish Polyphonic Spree record, instead. Such a killer anthem. A download must and as always, they killed it live. Such a fun show. 

Thanks for being my hot date, Rachel. You are the coolest sister of all time.
209. Hold Yourself Up by: The Polyphonic Spree 
(who are currently on tour! GO SEE THEM!)