Oh, to Preschool they Went.

When we picked them up from school yesterday, they were older. Remember Flight of the Navigator (I loved that movie) and how the boy ages eight years in, like, two days? It felt like I dropped my babies off at school and picked up two young women. They were several inches taller (at least) and spoke three new languages and were reciting Keats. JK. They did appear several inches taller, though. Crazy how that happens. 

Yesterday could not have gone smoother. The girls had an epic day of yoga and songs and they were covered with paint when Hal and I arrived to take them home. Bo hugged me with her whole body.

"You're back," she said. 

"We're back!"

Revi did a little dance and showed me her water bottle six different times because it had stickers all over it and when I spoke to her teachers, they were, like, "Yeah. Easy day! They were awesome!"
They even napped for two hours which is... I mean... they don't even do that at home.

Archer, Fable, Hal and I were all there to pick them up (and drop them off) and Hal and I were, like, "WHOA! That went off seamlessly, high five!"

And then (dunt dunt DUNT!) today happened. 

I forgot that first days are smooth sailing compared to second days.

Second days are the fucking worst.

ED: Several people have wondered why school starts in June, here, and it doesn't. But preschool is year round and the school year officially "started" this week so we decided to start them now as opposed to next month (when Archer and Fable start school) because I'm on my own in the mornings and it's going to take me a few weeks to figure out how to get everyone out the door by 7:50. This way, by the time the big kids start school in early August, we will be pros at our morning routine. Hopefully.)

Anyway, second days. SECOND DAYS!

This morning, Bo was off same as yesterday, but Revi wouldn't let me go. And then I sat with her on my lap and every time I moved her she would say, "NO" and squeeze me closer and it went on like this until snack time when I was able to get her off my lap (finally) and then I was like, "OKAY, GIRLS! I have to go take Arch and Fabes to camp!" and we all waved and Revi said, "Noooooooo!" and then I kissed her and she did this thing where she holds my face to hers so I'm kissing her forever, but, like, it hurts because she's squeezing my cheeks and her nails need a trim and... then... eventually, I pulled away, gave her one last squeeze, pulled away and walked out the door.

As she screamed.

And cried. 

And called for me with her hands out and OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE WORST.

Archer and Fable were with me and they were equally as upset as I was and then I told them that they were the same way sometimes and it SUCKS. 

"At least she has BoBo, though, right?"


Except, apparently, Revi calmed within moments of us leaving, passing the baton to Bo who then went ballistic hysterical and when I texted the director to see how Revi was feeling she texted me a photo of Revi happily playing outside and was, like, "Bo on the other hand..."

And so... today was not what yesterday was. 

Which is fine.

And expected.

But it still sucks.

(This part always sucks.)

That said, Revi could not have had a better day and while Bo had a bit of a toughie, the girls were all smiles after school and told me they had THE GREATEST DAY so there you have it. Everything is the best except when it's the worst and then after that it's the best again.

When you're almost three, that is the world.

And when you're thirty-three (in my case, anyway) that is also the world.
This is what life looks like... pulling back, pushing forward, trying to piece together new puzzles that they will, in time, have memorized and mastered.
photo 3 (92)
(Just in time for new ones to take their place.)
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