The Isaacson Sisters, circa 1921

photo 4 (73)
I stumbled upon the following short films in the vault of the family archives and I hope you enjoy them. (JK, they're all from the past week or so... All I have done, lately, is make Silent Movies. Technology is such a trip like that. Buy new apps and make things old...)  I had so much fun making these even if I couldn't figure out how to end them/fade out the music at the end/add extra cards/use different songs/etc. (I made them with the Silent Film Studio app but half of the stuff in the app I couldn't get working for whatever reason and then I got frustrated and decided to share them as is, technology is the worst/best/worst/best/worst.)

Anyway. Without further ado... 

(I uploaded a non-silent version, here.)

Much love and Happy Monday, all. 
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