GGC 411: Graco's Sticky Buckle Recall

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As many of you know, I have been a brand ambassador for Graco over the last couple of years and a customer since Archer was born, so this post, although sponsored and on their behalf is also on behalf of me and anyone out there, consumer or otherwise who may have some confusion over the recall which I have now talked at length with Graco about on the phone. (They wanted me to have all the information before I came out and vouched for them which I appreciate.)

Here are the facts for the Graco costumers among us/future Graco customers among us/readers who are interested in knowing more about the recall:

- Aside from reports of sticky buckles that sometimes become difficult to open (which would be problematic if there was a sudden need to unbuckle/get out of the car quickly) there have been no reported injuries or fatalities related to the use of Graco car seats. "Infant car seats, like toddler seats, are safe to use while waiting for a replacement buckle. Graco car seats have been carefully engineered and rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed every safety standard set forth by the federal government," says Graco. 

- While many harness buckles look alike, you can verify which buckle you have by entering the model name and date of manufacture on (This information can be found on the white label located on the bottom of the infant car seat carrier.)

In Graco's words: "While we will continue to offer replacement harness buckles to concerned consumers at no cost, those with infant car seats not affected by this recall are already equipped with a new and improved harness buckle." AKA, Graco's new seats include new & improved parts. 

- Those seeking replacement buckles will receive replacement this Summer, 2014. (ED: While waiting for your replacement kit, it's safe to use your infant car seat if your buckle is not sticky. If your buckle becomes sticky, Graco recommends cleaning it by following the cleaning instructions available on as this will make the buckle easier to use. When I checked my buckles they were full of chewed up almonds and dried milk. Delicious.) 

(ED: I did not have issues with sticky buckles in my infant seats OR my toddler seats. This is just as a precaution for those who want to ensure the seat's seatbelt won't stick!)

I received my Graco parts a few weeks ago and for those wanting a little play by play on how to switch out old parts, for new, here's this. (ED: This was me following the directions that came with my recall. Your carseat may have a different set of directions but they're SUPER easy and it will take you three minutes to do yourself.) 

Step One: Pull release lever and loosen seatbelt to capacity.
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Step Two: On the back of the carseat, unthread seatbelt from metal bit. 
photo 3 photo 4
Step Three: Push seatbelt through the slits in the top of the seat. 
photo 5 (35) (pushing from the back)
photo 5 (pulling from the front)

Step Four: Pull chest buckle off the belt and thread new seatbelt piece through...
photo 2 (80) photo 5 (34) photo 3 (59)
Step Five: Once the belt has been threaded through new piece, re-thread the chest piece as well:  
photo 3 (60) photo 4 (48) (The bottom of the belt will NOT be attached at this time.)

Step Six: Take a scissors and cut the bottom belt. 
photo 5 (36)
Then, pull piece from top and piece from bottom of seat. Pieces should look like this:
photo 5 (37)
photo 4 (49)
Step Seven. Push the metal of the new buckle through the hold in the bottom of the seat until it catches.
photo 3 (61)
Step Eight: You're all set! Drive safe and happy trails! Also, if you're like me, you might want to do a little carseat cleaning, because... hi. 
photo 1 (78)
new + improved (and yet, still slightly filthy. Whoops.)
photo 2 (79)
For more information, consumers can visit Graco's website at or contact the Graco customer service team at (877) 766-7470) or You can also voice questions and concerns in the comments below for me to personally relay to the Graco team. Much love to all and safe travels to you and yours. 


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