The Month in Moments: July

IMG_3660 IMG_5104
Camp is over as of this week so Archer and Fable have been home with me, which means, once again, summer has come and gone and we're living out our last few days of summer like they're our last... few days of summer. Here are some of my favorite images from the last few weeks. Thanks for the memories, July. With gratitude... 
IMG_3554 IMG_2682 IMG_3625 IMG_3817 IMG_5089 IMG_4485 IMG_5111 IMG_3402 IMG_5088 IMG_4401 IMG_3818
IMG_3668 photo 2 IMG_2748 IMG_2744 IMG_3830 IMG_4566 IMG_2656 IMG_4487 IMG_4453 IMG_2607 photo 3

IMG_4984 a
IMG_3221 IMG_2570 IMG_5090 IMG_4108 IMG_4431 fablerevi photo 5 IMG_3690 IMG_3688 ***
IMG_3684 IMG_3740 IMG_5094 IMG_5117 IMG_5106 IMG_4788 IMG_3621