Epiblogues: From the Audience

Walter Finnie Jr. was one of the poets featured in "Stand Clear" which I shared last week. This is part of his story:


"...One thread away from breaking and then a door finally opened. That's when I started to write."


I linked to Get Lit last week and was fortunate enough to spend Friday at their HQ here in LA. I fell even more in love with the community, the team, and wanted to direct all those outside of LA (who asked how to get involved) to Youth Speaks which is a national movement much like Get Lit.

In their words:

Storytelling empowers kids to save themselves. It rebuilds and revitalizes, allowing brothers to remind brothers that they're not alone, while sisters educate sisters on what life is like in different skins. 

This is where hearts heal. 

On stage. 

This is where empathy blooms. This is where change happens and chords are struck. In the audience. Where we can stand up and listen. And advocate with our ears. 

I've been thinking a lot about Humans of New York these past few weeks and how powerful it has been to watch Vidal's story unfold, to follow the story of Ms. Lopez and her scholars at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Because when people tell their own stories, they reverberate. They are powerful and poignant change agents. When people share their own stories, we, as an audience recognize our place and take a seat.

We listen. And over time we begin to hear.

There is a sameness in our differences but only when we acknowledge first that we are indeed different. That we come from a million different worlds and backgrounds... experiences.

Humans of New York does that.

So does Get Lit.

And Youth Speaks. And all platforms that are built for the sole purpose of elevating human voices.



It's his turn, now...

It's her turn...

It's our turn... 

...To listen. 

Thank you, Get Lit, for all that you do. Thank you Youth Speaks. Thank you, Walter. Thank you, Obasi. Thank you, Colleen. I'll continue to post poems, here on GGC through 2015. It is a privilege to be in the audience of these fine,  fearless young people. Cheers to all.