The Rainbow Fairy

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page fourteen rainbow
Last week, I posted some "behind the scenes" of Fable's The Rainbow Fairy. A lot happened in the last week, including a decision to scrap some earlier pages and substitute them with a whole new art direction. SO!

Without further ado, I present The Rainbow Fairy, written and illustrated by Fable Isaacson, age 6. (Spelling assisted by me. Also, I took the photos. Oh! And Archer drew one of the witches.)
title page
page one rainbow
page two rainbow
page three rainbow
page four rainbow
page five rainbow
page six rainbow
page seven rainbow
page eight rainbow
page nine rainbow
page ten rainbow
page eleven rainbow
page twelve
page thirteen rainbow
page fourteen rainbow
When she finished, we talked about the moral. 

"Just because someone hurts you, doesn't mean you have to hurt them back. And sometimes, if you help them, you can make them happy and then everyone can be happy together. Even the evil witches."

Fable offered to read her book, which we printed at home. (I'm going to surprise her with a hard bound Blurb edition because she is so totally proud of this book AS SHE SHOULD BE and deserves to hold it bound and beautiful in her hands.) 

This project was an amazing experience. Thank you, sprout, for making it possible.

Love, light and rainbows for all,