"It's just another moment in your life."

a favorite moment from this past weekend

I know it's just the Oscars and the Oscars NEVER seem to get it right (no offense, Hollywood, but you're kind of a douche), but Boyhood, to me, was so special and so completely unlike anything else that I really wanted it to win all the things. Director, specifically. Best Picture, too.

It felt so alive and groundbreaking, and I find Ellar Coltrane so special and Linklater so humble and un-hollywood-esque. 

Anyway, I really loved Boyhood and wanted to give it one last shout-out. 

Because SNUB CITY. 

By nominating Boyhoodthe academy gave itself the chance to recognize a movie that is not just good but revolutionary—a film that reconsiders, in surprising and rewarding ways, the medium’s relationship with time, with storytelling, and with its audience. It’s both a singular work—no one but Richard Linklater could have made it—and a universal one, reflecting the elemental formative experiences of nearly every viewer, even those who don’t, on the surface, have a lot in common with Mason or Samantha or Olivia or Mason Sr. It’s the crowning work of a crucial American filmmaker and a profound statement about the lives we live. 

For Boyhood fans, this is a must watch: 

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the film, specifically IFC who bankrolled Boyhood from the very beginning AS WELL as distributed it. Boyhood is as much about its behind-the-scenes magic as it is its on-screen impeccability. For those of you interested, this interview with Jonathan Sehring re: risk/reward a la funding Boyhood is wonderful

Lesson: Find someone willing to take a risk. Make them your partner. Go forth. 
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Cue: Hero by Family of the Year. 


Last year I watched a lot of movies and compiled a Top Favorite Films of 2013 post, which I am planning on doing once again this year as soon as I get to watching the rest of the 2014 lineup... if that ever happens.