Don't get MAD. (No, seriously. Don't.)

This week on, I wrote about our little MAD magazine oops. (Oops!) 

Last Sunday, while Hal was picking up the week’s NYT and bagels, he plucked a little something for Archer as a surprise.
I was actually talking to my Mom about this today when she emailed me the following....

"I loved MAD magazine and still remember my favorite take-off which was of the Flying Nun, a show with Sally Fields where she played a flying nun in Belgium called Sister Betrille. The name of the spoof was Sister Brazil, the Flying Nut, and still, to this day, it cracks me up... I think the main problem is that TV was clean in those days...there wasn't any cable TV, so the spoofs were a little edgy, but mostly clean. My parents even loved MAD Magazine!!!!!  Now....way different!!!..."

I always equated MAD to Beavis and Butthead which I was OBSESSED with as a tween. I mean, my first JOB was dressing up like Butthead with my BFF (Beavis) and waving to people on El Camino Real outside the "Halloween tent."


Memories are a funny thing. We have different eyes at different ages. We judge from different comforts, relate based on experiences that have and haven’t happened yet. I’m sure I read and saw 7878798 things that I wouldn’t want my kids to read or see, and survived to… well… not remember any of it.

MAD magazine, do you read it? Do your kids? Is my mom right? Is MAD's content THAT much more advanced because content EVERYWHERE is that much more advanced? I mean, my parents watched Cheers and Seinfeld when I was a kid whereas we watch Broad City (my favorite favorite) and Girls, you know? 

Very different material to work with, satire wise. Very not for kids. 

So what's up? Have the times changed or did we just... grow up? You can read the post in its entirety, here. 

Also, here is a photo of Fable reading (not MAD magazine) to our dog, Zadie, who occasionally dresses like a lady...
...Have a great weekend, everyone!