The Making of "The Rainbow Fairy"

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A few months ago I was pitched a campaign with the new Sprout by HP, a computer that is unlike anything I (or anyone else?) has ever seen or experienced. (It literally takes 3D photos. It's like the Glam Cam 360 for figurines... or whatever item you would like a 3D scan of.

I immediately thought of Fable watching the "how it works" youtube videos and promptly called her over to sit with me and watch.

I am not crafty. Or collage-y. I do not know how to use photo shop. I shoot photos with my iPhone, embed photos through flickr. Hell, this website is still powered by blogger. Since 2002, baby. I don't even know how to use a scanner. Fable, though? She is the master of collage. She writes books and staples them together every week, cuts out pictures and glues them against characters she has created. Asks me to help her spell long words as she creates stories - books and books of them. She makes jewelry. And pillows, purses and clothes made out of discarded costumes. She recently started a collection of sketches of "people I may meet someday or already know."

This video was ESPECIALLY Fable-y. Soul sister o'clock:

"It looks like they're going to send us this computer to HAVE, can you believe it?" I said.


"Yes. And you are probably going to have to teach ME how to use it because computers and crafts are not my strength."

"I know, Mom. I know..."

When the computer arrived and the tech sat down to teach us how to work the machine it was Fable (naturally) who caught on first.

We decided to make a project together using it...

And so. 

The Adventures of Rainbow Fairy was born.

Well, that's not entirely true. The Adventures of Rainbow Fairy has been a household name//constantly changing improvisational bedtime story for many moons. But not like this.
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We started with a concept. A costume. A quick photo shoot in front of a local (and extremely photogenic) pink wall. We then came home and promptly uploaded the photos to the computer.

We also scanned a few of Fable's pictures as well.
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After scanning, we dragged our various photos/files to the pad and while the original idea was to superimpose the photos onto various scenes and scapes, Fable decided she didn't want to do that anymore so we just... did it her way.

Because this is her book.

And I'm here to help with spelling and formatting, not so much copy or creative. 
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P.S. Next week I'll post the final book. I would today, but it isn't quite finished yet.
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(Much like all great stories.)
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To be continued...