#TBT Jump, Joy, Rainbows

photo 3
We had a double rainbow on Monday. It was right over the house and it was so epic, I got emotional. I had a full-on what does it mean moment as we were standing in the rain looking up. 
photo 2
They don't last long, of course, and Hal and I were scrambling to get our shoes on and help the kids find their shoes so that they could go outside to see it and then it was like, well, screw shoes... our socks will just have to get wet, I guess... 

So they did. And we got wet, too, and none of that mattered of course and we stood there in the wind with our awe until the double faded to single faded to grey. 
photo 1
I've been a bit scattered this week trying to come back to earth and landing, instead, somewhere in space, but the week is almost over and rainbows are a thing and it's been so beautiful here in Los Angeles with the rain and the sun and the skies... 

I didn't post any music this week, so, because it's throwback Thursday, I thought I'd post THIS "music video" we made a few months back that features my brother, David's song, Oh Heavenly, which completely rules. (My brother recorded this song many years ago, and then, a few months back, the girls got dressed up and we made a music video.)

Fable's hair was super long then and Revi's purse was full of blocks and SO heavy that I had to unpack it when she slept because I was afraid it would smother her in her sleep because she HAD TO SLEEP WITH IT ON HER ARM OR ELSE.

Oh! And the slow motion was totally Fable's idea because of the whole slo-mo setting on the phone camera. Technology is fun.

"1, 2, 3... ACTION!"