The Month in Moments: February

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It's Monday morning and I've just downloaded the last month of photos from my phone onto my computer. I do this once a month and marvel at time and moments and how, without record of them, they might have floated up and away. I have a terrible memory. I am a hundred years old when I try to remember what happened yesterday, last week, a year ago... That may have something to do with the fact that I've recorded even the most mundane of moments so I haven't had to be reliant on memory... but sorting through the images of the last several weeks is a happy place for me. Spending the first of the month, regrouping, remembering and moving on...
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Spring is here even though it's still winter. I open the windows even though it's raining... the jasmine is too aromatic to lock outside, especially when it only lasts a couple of weeks. Soon enough the blooms will fall and I'll close the windows. For now... nah. 
Bo loves the smell of flowers. She smells every single flower, even the ones that do not smell. She closes her eyes and inhales every blossom. 
"Smell this," she says to me, holding up a leaf. "Smell the green. Smell the yellow and the pink." 
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To February's end being March's beginning. To mornings becoming afternoons becoming evenings. To the moments we hold onto and those we let go...
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...To joyfully drawing what we can between storms and welcoming a new canvas come morning.
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