Gone Style: Shop Krochet Kids

IMG_9944  Ali hat  by: KK intl,

As a follow up to last week's post featuring the incredible organization, Krochet Kids, I wanted to take today and feature some of my favorite KK intl items for men, women and children. Because shopping is rad. And shopping for things that give back to women and their families is even better.

mimipurse the mimi (on sale!)
The Mona 

photo 1-1 Knit Lace Long Sleeve (Black, M) +
 Arizona headwrap (ideal for days when bangs are the worst.)
photo 2-1
jax tee (this shirt was designed for dudes but I like it on ladies.)
photo 1-1 photo 2-1
Paired with my Jordan Catalano costume flannel 
IMG_1851 Leandra knit shorts (mine are M/L and they make me feel excitement!)
... paired with this backpack = perfection:
P.S. Your baby called and would like you to buy him/her this hat: 
the hoot And this hoodie:
zip hoodie
And don't forget this hot little number for your summer adventures ... paired with cut-offs, a t-shirt and a flannel and you're good to go for months. Capsule wardrobe activate. 

See more from Krochet Kids, here, including new releases for the whole fam. Happy shopping, friends!
hat = the jackson. girls = the awesome