tweaked back, full heart, can't... do much at the moment

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I threw my back out sometime between last night and this morning and I've decided to make the best of my current state of paralysis and just lie here on my back and listen to music and try not to drop my phone on my face as I scroll through photos from the weekend and, well... that's all I've got today, I'm afraid.

ED: I wore extremely high heels two nights in a row which NEVER happens so I feel like that might be the reason for the season here in DEADBACKLAND, which, ugh. I mean. I'm not that old, right? Am I that old? Is this what happens now? Can I no longer wear heels? This feels very sad. I thought I had, like, three more decades...?

In the meantime, here is a song that rules:

232. Archie, Marry Me by: Alvvays

And here are some photos that Hal took of me and and our babies during a pre-back-thrown-out picnic we had in our little yard that is my absolute favorite place to hang right now -- all those spring blooms and green... stuffs. So good. I am one lucky mofo, tweaked back and all.
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Cheers to a lovely week.
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