Monday Mornings: A Reality Play in One Act

Int: Coffee Bean. Archer, dressed in typical golferesque hat and grin reclines leisurely in his stroller. Me, dressed in typical Jeans and black sweater pushes Archer out the door, coffee in hand when sixty-something overweight man stops us.

Man:I love what you have done to your son
Me: Pardon?
Man: His hat. I just love his hat.
Me: Awww... thanks! Yeah, he looks cute in hats. I just can't help myself. (sigh)
Man: Hats are the most underrated accessory. I like to think that hats are to boys what rims are to cars.
Me: Aha! Like an SAT question. Fascinating point. Hmmmm. Let me.... yes, rims, you say? Yes...
Man: Me, I don't have a child but I do have 24's on my Mercedes.
Me: Impressive. Well, so long!
Man: Until we meet again!
Archer: (spitting up) babababababadorkbabababa

And... Scene



jdg | 10:58 AM

clearly he was trying to pick you up. that "I have 24s on my Mercedes" is my old pickup line.