Seven Months OId, Son : A Rap

My name is "your mommy" and seven months ago today,
You busted on the scene in a quite dramatic way. (Ouch)

It was really, pretty bitchin when your eyes looked up at me,
All freshy to the world and shit, with so much ish to see

I dressed you up in FUBU and we strolled out of the room,
Onto the streets of L.A., son, in the midst of the June gloom.

We rolled to see L.A. Philharmonic, cause (word!) that's how we do
And we got all crazy cultured at Getty, LACMA, and the Zoo.

I was really quite impressed on the day you got your shots,
You looked at me like "bitch, that's nothing! now put back on my socks!"

Every day when we together, I'm so proud to call you mine.
Even at the very start when I hadn't slept in nine (days.)

Now you're sitting pretty, next to me while I be rhyme'n
More than just a son, you are my muse and partner in cri'ime

Seven months ago today, I knew you were the one,
That I would die for, Bugsy. (True) I'd kill for you, son.

I love you, little man, more than any thug before
You give my life a meaning that is wicked-fresh hardcore.

Say, word...


P.S. Merry Holidays to all.
We out...


Anonymous | 11:26 AM


happy holidays to you!

Anonymous | 5:27 PM

perfection! you are the bomb-mama! happy holidays sweetie!

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 6:53 PM

Brought a tear to my eye, sistah.

Anonymous | 10:15 AM

that schnizzel was so drizzle.

Anonymous | 1:59 AM

OH SNAP FOO, shiiiitt momma be bustin flows bout the shorty n shit.

jdg | 10:04 AM

we are so white.


white? no way.