One More Reason To Educate Your Children About Sex...

The other day someone found my site by searching:

"Why doesn't a girl have a dick?"

Hmmm... This is a tricky one. I've been trying to formulate my thoughts so I can respond in an enlightened and non-sarcastic way but that would be impossible so I have instead turned to some interesting links to help poor souls such as one such random google-dude find their way to the "hole truth."

Hours later, someone (an old high school lover, perhaps?) decided to hit on my mom by searching:

"Wendy Woolf topless"

Unfortunately there are no topless photos of my mother, at least not on this website... I don't think.

In other news, when you search "pooping girls" you will find Girl's Gone Child in the top five searches, which means I should probably just retire from the blogosphere right this second. My dreams have been realized. I AM the poop girl.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen... I'd like to thank my son for pooping all day long. And my dogs for their poop. And I'd like to thank you for reading my poo-poo poems and raps and rants about poop...

Unfortunately, it seems I have already accepted my trophy.... Sigh...

And on that note, I'd like to wish Miss Scarlett a very happy 20th/cancer free birthday. Muah.



Scar | 4:12 AM

LOL i love that I can find your blog by searching those things. And thanks for the happy birthday! It's 6:11 am and I'm headed to chemo. hizzah. And then I'm eating cake. And THEN... i'm buying a super special person a ticket.

motherbumper | 7:35 AM

Wow - top five for "pooping girls" - what more is there to achieve?

Well done, well done ;)

Anonymous | 9:50 AM

girls don't poop.
everyone knows that.

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

sorry the link is not clickable... i am not tech-y

Anonymous | 10:11 AM

Somehow, in my discussions of my favorite foods and perhaps my penchant for food consumption coupled with my recent trevails in the realm of potty training, a large number of people find my own site through the search "toddler eats/eating poop". Mine has never done so, but I wonder the circumstances that lead those parents to search the www for guidance. Sounds to me like great blog fodder.

Congrats on your arrival. Maybe soon, I'll have a place setting.

Whit | 10:29 AM

Sorry, I got here by mistake. I was looking for topless pictures of pooping girls with dicks.

Nice site though.



BOSSY | 6:13 PM

At least you're not as low as Bossy, whose name Google finds when searching "Inappropriate Workplace Touching."

Russell | 8:00 PM

reminds me of my poopy smile friend in copenhagen...