Photo of the Week

Yesterday was the most beautiful day we've had all year. This photo doesn't do it justice...

Charlotte, Jackson, and Archer play swings. (And me, but I was taking the photo.)



Scar | 12:26 PM

I love it! And i miss la.

Anonymous | 1:33 PM

this is charming.

limpy99 | 2:26 PM

See, this is what Emo kids miss out on. They never get to play on the swings. They just sit there, heads down, twisting the chains back and forth, back and forth.

Came over here from Dad Gone Mad and poked around. Your story about your son throwing up on Mody CD's was priceless.

limpy99 | 2:27 PM

Um, "Moby". Not Mody.

Hannah | 6:26 PM

Aww, so cute! I still love swings. Where is that park? I live in Hollywood now and have been looking for a nice park to spend time at. That Archer sure is a cute pie.


Van Ness Park off of Beverly. :)

Fairly Odd Mother | 11:46 AM

Normally, I'd be jealous of seeing such a beautiful day; but here I am, sitting outside and it is in the 60's! In New England! In February! So, my springy itch has been scratched.

Does Archer outlast you on the swings? I could only push for so long and then I'd be trying to get their wiggly little bodies out of the bucket.

Jonathon Morgan | 12:31 PM

these are totally the best months to live in someplace that never gets cold.

just to gloat, really.

*Tanyetta* | 7:12 PM

i love california! :)

PunditMom | 8:26 PM

I love the shadows in the photo. T minus how many days until spring is really here? Oh yeah, I have a bone to pick with that groundhog!

Mom101 | 8:42 PM

And I was at work all day...

[insert frowning emoticon here]