SXSW: The Update

Is it bad if I kind of just want to not come home really? And drink free vodka tonics until the breaka-breaka dawn? Every night/morning? And attend panels with blisters from broken heels from a night of dancing in gravel? And wear huge sunglasses so people don't notice that my makeup is from the night before? And walk the streets of Austin at 5:00 am in the rain with no clue where I am? And make friends with teenagers who give free rides on their bike handlebars? And fly paper-airplane napkins? And hang out with awesome awesomes? And blog drunk at 3:07 am? Forever and ever until the end of time?

Because I think right about now I'm supposed to be wanting to come home. And, um...



Fairly Odd Mother | 2:05 AM

That sounds like the best away-from-home ever.

Leigh C. | 5:08 AM

Hot damn! Can I join you?

kirida | 5:22 AM

At least you were offered a ride! I had to stick a thumb out and hitch my bike handle transportation.

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

There is nothing wrong with your thoughts!

Whit | 8:16 AM

Sounds like you're representin' yo.

What kind of response have you guys been getting (for blogging, not drinking)?

Cherri B | 8:18 AM

Whooooo! You GO girl!

Her Bad Mother | 8:36 AM

JEALOUS. But happy for you. But jealous.

motherbumper | 10:40 AM

I'm afraid that will be my reaction when I'm away for the first time (sans Bumper). Maybe "afraid" isn't the right word but I'm actually pretty darn sure that "I'm not going to want to go home but at the same time want to go home badly" my first time. Make sense?

PS - I'm glad your kickin' it GGC style ;) I'd expect no less.

Moments Of Mom | 12:22 PM

No that is not bad.... bad is walking around the supermarket looking for something else to buy just so you don't have to go home yet....

Anonymous | 1:36 PM

Not bad at all. Sounds damn good to me.

*Tanyetta* | 5:21 PM

where's the partay :)

Anonymous | 5:40 PM

I'm with ya sister - Sounds like a dream :)


Instead of drunk dialing....your drunk blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binky | 6:44 PM

Nope, it's not bad. Not bad at all.

Pecos Blue | 7:28 PM

This is the kinda of all nighter I remember.

PunditMom | 7:40 PM

I say, cut yourself some slack and enjoy the moment -- motherhood, and all it's wonderfulness, is still there, so carpe diem, girlfriend!

Anonymous | 7:47 PM

You deserve a great time like that! I'm feeling inspired to take a break too.

Jaelithe | 9:40 PM

Wait-- how did you arrange this, how do you say, "Time away from home?" You must let me know.

Shannon | 6:32 AM

I am glad you are having such a great time, and I can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get back!

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

sounds like you are trying to re-enact most if not all of the scenes from dazed & confused. nice work.

Kat Ogden | 12:37 PM

Sometimes I go grocery shopping. For...six hours.

I always come home with everything though. So no, I think no bad there. But oh, I'm so jealous I could spit. I'm here in the Austin rain. But unfortunately, I'm not drunk.

Undercover Angel | 12:58 PM

Sounds like you're having a great time...I wouldn't want to come home either...

kiwidebra | 2:49 PM

Hey, as long as you come home...eventually. When I went to Sundance, I felt exactly the same way. All that excitement, creative people, films and music, parties, free drinks, uninterrupted sleep, who wouldn't be loving it? Have a few drinks for me!

Anonymous | 5:28 PM

Next year in Austin! We'll toast our kids...

BOSSY | 5:50 PM

Wow, sounds like your weekend was nearly as great as Bossy's. Because Bossy spent her weekend NOT being in Austin, and NOT being appreciated as a great blogger. She spent her weekend NOT dancing in heels or riding on handlebars. She spent her weekend, um, what was it again? It was that, er, fun.

Anonymous | 6:08 PM

I'm glad you're having a good time but I'm starting to miss you GGC!

Anonymous | 8:31 PM

The only thing greater than doing all that is doing it with your so-awesome new friend Rebecca who is just as smart and sassy and fun and honest and positive and hilarious as you'd expect...

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

Hah -- Austin is a great place for all nighters! Glad you enjoyed my hometown.

It was great to meet you, and I enjoyed the Alterna [Parents] panel -- even if I didn't get to dance all night with you. :(