Ready? Break!

T- four days until my first vacation on my own in four-hundred years and as Jonathon pointed out in my last post, not a moment too soon. I need a break so I am getting one. For the next week I'm going to stay away from this blog because when I don't post I feel horrible guilt and that's just stupid. I'm flattering myself to even think that people give a damn if I miss a day or two. Honestly, I just need some time NOT to reflect publicly... I need some me time, yo. So I'm giving myself a week or so to put my hands over my head and submit to silence.

I need a drink. And a great big bed and an alarm clock that rests unplugged on the Hyatt Regency bed stand. I need to re-bond with one of my best friends who I never see anymore. Who at this very moment is packing her suitcase full of wine. That we will drink. All of it. In bed.

And who knows? Maybe something really awesome and inspiring will happen in Austin. Maybe something I won't be able to wait to blog about! But nice try, self, I'm not gonna. Because I think I might have a problem with announcing myself to the world. And I shouldn't want to blog about everything.

And as I work feverishly on a book that may as well be a collection of photos of me naked, in terms of putting myself out there, I wonder if there is a part of me at all that's still sacred.

This is not to say that I probably won't blog a teensy bit from Austin. And I'll still be over at Babble but the goal here is for me to try to stay away from my blog for a whole week. Wish me luck.

I'm hoping that with distance and a little bit of air I can get my head straight. I can figure out where my priorities are and how to juggle and smile at the camera and pretend like every thing's okay, which I'm usually REALLY good at doing. Duh. I've lived in L.A. long enough to play the game.

So here I am smiling... exiting stage left.

Thank you for understanding that mama needs a vacation, and I hope-hope that if you or anyone you know will be attending SXSW Interactive/Film, that you/they will come and say hi. (I'm a hugger, y'all.) Once again, I'll be "in conversation" with Alternadad, Neal Pollack. For info, click here.

Godspeed my friends... Until next week, then. Until next week...



Jonathon Morgan | 9:55 PM

hanging out with me will be totally blog worthy. shit yeah. for real. huzzah. etc.

Anonymous | 10:08 PM

So.. craziest small world ever. I'm coming to see you, and you're coming to see me. Well, not really me.. but my state. And weirdest thing is.. I was thinking about going to Austin when I got back from California to visit one of my best friends who goes to UT. Still might. We'll see. Can't wait to see you!

metro mama | 5:44 AM

Enjoy the vacation, you deserve it! Stay away from the computer.

Loukia | 6:31 AM

Oh, I'll admit it, I will miss you! But have fun, you deserve it. I can't wait to read all about your getaway. Are you okay with leaving Archer for a week? You know he'll be in very good, caring, loving, trusting hands... but can you please give me some advice on how to be able to do what you're doing - go away, even for a night, or a weekend, with my hubby? We need a vacay. And my son is super attached to my mom, too.. I just have to find the guts to do it...

Anonymous | 7:59 AM

Have a great vacation; it sounds like you really do need the time off. You definitely deserve some =)

ms blue | 8:24 AM

A great big bed and a suitcase of wine... Yippie! Have a wonderful time in Austin. I don't arrive there until the 14th so I'm sure I will miss the chance to meet up.

Anonymous | 8:45 AM

A big bed all to yourself, wine, no alarm clock and a BFF?? Sounds like heaven! Have a great time and don't you dare show your face here until next week!

noriichan | 10:10 AM

blow off some steam and re-group. we'll miss you!

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

kick some ass (you are bringin boots to texas, right) and take some numbers. oh, and give yours out too. shiny new business cards in tow, yes?

motherbumper | 10:57 AM

I'd pay good money to drink wine and dish with you. Have a blast in Austin, kick butt at SXSW, I'll visit you at Babble and stay outta trouble. Aw heck, don't do that last one and have a fantastic rejuvenating time.


Thank you! And Bitty! I JUST picked them up like five seconds ago!

They're amazing! Props to come.

Anonymous | 11:24 AM

Close the laptop screen...back away from the computer...pick up the wine glass...and we'll miss you.

Happy vacation, Darling! Well deserved. And if you happen to run into my much traveling for work husband while you're down there (I doubt it, but hey it can be a small world) then hug him for me, kay? After all, you are a hugger.

Anonymous | 1:46 PM

Have a great vacation! (And by the way, comments coming on your latest submission soon. I got slammed with work all of a sudden, but I've been reading slowly but surely. And so far... it's beautiful!)

Debbie | 9:21 PM

*fingers in ears about sxsw*

I'm green with envy that you get to attend that wealth of shiver-me-timbers-awesome musicfest, but I'm super-glad-with-cheese for you about the break. (and I'm also really excited that you get to go to sxsw; but also, did I mention, super-jealous? argh. *bites fist*)

have a good, a great time, dollface. get some rest.

Anonymous | 10:01 PM

oh, damn! it's literally the exact time that my flight gets in to austin. that's a shame, i would've loved to see your talk. :(


Bummmmer, Alice! Maybe we can meet up later that night... at the "after party".... Email me!

Anonymous | 6:49 AM

Delurking to wish you well - until next week, I can live vicariously through imagining the great time your having, probably!

Whit | 8:38 AM

Have a good time with Neal!

Also, tell those Austin bloggers that I say hi. Hug those that need it.

Anonymous | 8:55 AM

enjoy, enjoy!! you certainly deserve the respite. ect

PunditMom | 10:16 AM

We expect a full wine report when you return, especially if you discover something REALLY yummy!

Anonymous | 4:14 PM

Hmmmm. You'll be just a few hours from me. Don't be alarmed if I hunt you down and demand wine and bed.

Have a wonderful time!

Sandra | 5:18 PM

Oh do you ever deserve a vacation ... with loads of wine. Enjoy Rebecca. We look forward to hearing all about it!